Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"Love rare direct purchase" macaroni-peeled garlic, I'm not a neat freak, but I love you

Oh, speaking of cooking, I just hate two things, fierce splash oil flowers will burn the skin, so that the "zombie" vomiting and confused the garlic (a game not take garlic to as advanced weapon against zombies, meh), those hands peeling garlic coats, often in the middle of smoke woke up, has there! FENDI iPhone 6 case

Of course, this United Kingdom Monkey Business Penneli peeled garlic, trouble can be cut in half. FENDI iPhone 6 case

Pasta shape of peeled garlic, Wow Kayes shapes not just placed in the kitchen selling MoE, you will find to use, it is so convenient! Just need to get into the hollow garlic powder, then put back on the table with one hand, twist, or use two hands rubbing back and forth, separate skin from garlic garlic, efficient, scents no residue!

Its made of food grade grease manufacturing, safety was not designed against humanity.

Note that if you don't Cook, don't try, it looks too much like macaroni, in case your mind a hot, cooked it, then ... ...

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