Wednesday, October 29, 2014

'Avengers 2' News: Marvel Announces Better Promo Footage to Come Out This Week

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Marvel initially announced that goes launch the much-awaited glimpse for upcoming movie "The Avengers: Involving Ultron" right before the showing akin to "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" to ABC.

Then someone, who of course couldn't contain his or her excitement, published the trailer a week in advance. Miracle conceded and chose to post proper HD version of the trailer.

To make the first 24 hours of the release, reviews indicated that the preview amassed additional 30 million views. The showcase of the video? Iron-Man getting inside of the Hulkbuster armor while confronting a raging Hulk.

Now, to prevent some pre-mature releases, Marvel once again provides to reveal more footages after this week's "Agents of SHIELD. "

"In a press release, Marvel said a nice hearty 'thank you' to all a fans who watched (and monitored and watched) the 'Avengers 2′ trailer. And, because, as they say, 'the best way to say thanks is to present you more, ' they're giving folks two exclusive looks at 'Avengers 2′ over the next two weeks, " Present Crush stated in their report.

Regardless that it hasn't been revealed of the actual contents of the next footage is definitely about, the website speculated that it will cover some scenes to the trailer this led to exclusively screened at this year's Together with Comic-Con.

"Naturally, the arrival with the trailer meant that fans started grabbing apart every single shot in an attempt to find out all of the film's secrets in advance, lunch break the website went on to say.

"The Avengers: Age of Ultron" will once again use actors Robert Downey Jr. just as Tony Stark/Ironman iPhone 5 case; Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America; Joe Hemsworth as Thor, and others.

Film production company is slated to hit the movies building on May 1, 2015.

See the typical trailer that was released on April. 22: YouTube

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