Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cousin Liu was the complete boot control Every one of her I want to buy

Mere words would not be, speak with photos. Double cousin's recent tweets, you did almost all of the matching shoes, Oh! Hush Puppies new comfortable boot season is more

To the outside for a breath of fresh air, big cousin also specifically tied to a ponytail sprouting. Simple white Tee style Etro mixed colors accompanied by gorgeous shoes, trendy aspect.


Love this big cousin, natural and fresh with a woman, Liu has recently also turned on his Twitter this. In addition to casual striped Tee, ripped jeans, soles have the Chanel double c Logo sneakers to steal in a high profile.


Puma red white and "grass" hundreds of matching color, bring some retro 80 's sense of movement. Like this with nine straight jeans is just right.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Early spring into the simple white mix

Peter Thomas Roth mineral sunscreen powder SPF30 experience

Bask in the spring into the simple white mix ~

Simply enter the topic ~

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

Early spring sun began to wreak havoc, amassed a haze of winter start drifting away ~

Good mood at the same time, after years of Sun protection battle started ~

Soft winter sun, people let down their guard, the SPF and the PA value of the simple, able to go ~

But once the spring, Sun Alert had been sounded ~

Whether you're white, Tan, or catch against aging, and defend Sun can make up ~

V is, of course, start with double Sun ~

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

This reverse order, first to talk about the recent new sunscreen powder fun ~

V for lazy people, applying an additional sun protection is easily forgotten things again ~

But more and more wanton Sun, sunscreen is a must thing to applying an additional ~

Peter Thomas Roth mineral sunscreen powder ~

SPF30 sunscreen guaranteed ~

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

A very small, suitable for carrying ~

Pull to open the bottle, is anti-UV powder puff ~

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

Brush hardness in General, and its easy ~

Silt is very delicate, absolutely no weight ~

Powder is not a lot ~

Made in very natural little touches ~

V Sun her as always fill a great tool, because small good carry ~

The other hand, the powder can absorb a lot of oil, to control natural light effect ~ Three types of business occasions the best wines

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

Brushing Sun away is very simple ~

Push brush to completely cover the bottom of the product down, close the lid, and transferred out of the powder brush is good.

Also quite fun

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

Impress IC sunscreen

See SPF50+ PA+++, white charged said he was pleased that ~

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

Impress the bottle always beautiful ~

Chinese names long: Impress concentrated care NET run snow sunscreen

All sorts of mind, v, she is Impress IC White Sun ~

Has a high SPF value of SPF50+ PA+++ ~

60ml,260 meters price is cheaper in the Impress of the Bowl ~

This paragraph can be used directly on the face and body ~

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

Japanese pattern of modified liquid sunscreen bottle and texture ~

White sunscreen, water, smudge quickly on the faces fitting, not sticky or greasy ~

Faces no fake white, not pale, good open, tender rose, love ~

This sunscreen is not greasy, very good ~

Early spring into the simple white mix ~

Sun did, just the first step in whitening ~

Essence intensive nourishing, strengthening the whitening effect ~

Make essence, Petrov nourishing serum vitamin a night ~

Water texture, better absorb oily vitamin, high enough moisture ~

High concentration of retinol, potent antioxidant vitamins c and e 1%.

High performance-price ratio, the first step to fight free radicals and skin-whitening anti-aging ~

Givenchy white and full-production intensive-care serum

This is an intensive whitening essence, continuously for 21 days intensive whitening ~

For now, brighten skin tone and meticulous skin works well, spot-fading effect is not obvious ~

Whitening, also need to mask weekly care, consolidation of the whitening effect ~

Hot Petrov white translucent bubble mask ~

Clear blue and white gradient Pack is perfect for spring ~

As a first step cleaner + Whitening mask ~

Favorite and most amazing is watching blue LaTeX gradually became a white small bubbles ~

Cool is a lot of fun ~

Recommended a week before 1~2 or emergency use ~

Bubbles disappear from appeared to slowly open, only a recommended immediately wash ~

Zhihou, skin will turn white ~

Using more pleasure and fun, of course, but also kill free radicals good ~

Niu er can be used after the teacher's new Magnolia face whitening small v film deepens whitening effect, lifting firming by the way ~

Magnolia and white fungus brightening and firming mask call, new 3D clipping mask locked ~

A box of five, great ~

For whitening and firming, want to improve dry aging fine lines of people ~

Behind the mask comes with instructions, refer to this 3D mask to use ~

This mask stress 1 2 3 tight enough, Niu er's clipping mask to achieve good ingredients and unique slow aging + NET + white skin firming effect Pilates ~

Essence of mask many texture of silk cloth membrane, stuck face ~

Bai Ti 3D beauty mask, from the physical angle, pull the skin overall up ~

When torn mask, white and bright, smooth and compact ~

Whitening is not achieved overnight, v the whitening Keep control on Walking!

Simple whitening sunscreen mask early in the match Peter Thomas Roth mineral sunscreen powder powder

Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

Mont Blanc 4810 series debut in 2006 for the brand's best-selling work. This year, 110 anniversary of the brand, MONTBLANC followed the essence of the series, new 4810 series celebrating the First century celebrations. New series of exclusive brands and exquisite long watchmaking tradition, excellence, elegance, rich sports dynamic design, with high complexity watch reinterpret the popular series 4810, for modern travelers with reliable precision on-time meter.

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

In 1906, at the manufacturing industry a period of vigorous development, three visionary pioneer in manufacturing – engineer August Eberstein, businessman Alfred Nehemias and stationery entrepreneur Claus Vo ß – came to the United States, preparing for a Grand. They leak fluid and piston converter, invented a writing instrument. Eberstein visionary engineers over the years of painstaking study of United States and United Kingdom on MEMS innovation, his outstanding performance, innovation and relentless pursuit of the perfect quality became MONTBLANC's core spirit and driving force. Entrepreneur Claus Vo ß, you great business vision, he actively pursued innovative technology with unique development potential. A chance opportunity, Claus Eberstein acquaintance, he immediately noticed the Eberstein and hot feeling of creativity in engineering, and am confident that he will be your best partner to accomplish the blueprint.

In 1910, the trio learn from Europe's highest peak Mont Blanc (Mont Blanc), officially names the company MONTBLANC (Montblanc), symbol of to reach the relentless pursuit of quality. This commitment to perfect quality, MONTBLANC creating masterpiece, exploring inspiration and development of high technology, and became the founding core values of the brand and driving force. Mont-Blanc 4810 meters above sea level, has always been the figures were seen as the brand's logo. Now, new series 4810 that number again to life, another sign of 110 years ago, the founder of the brand open travel to this wonderful spirit of striving for excellence.

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

Beginning of the 20th century, is the Golden moment of reform and innovation. This period marks a new vision of sailing, especially driving the trans-Atlantic transport for the development of international commercial and cultural relations. Thanks to the many revolutionary new invention, such as marine steam engines of the rise and progress of navigation methods, development was a great breakthrough. Compete for the prestigious transatlantic passenger route speed Awards-Blue Ribbon Award. Taking into account the transoceanic ships have different routes, awards based on average speed, and take along a challenging Mexico Gulf stream West line of fastest prevails. This award makes the pursuit of the fastest and most powerful ships of passenger and shipping companies in droves. Blue Ribbon also became a symbol of highest honor and achievement, its spirit be carried forward in the new Mont Blanc 4810 series, highlights the top performance and excellent clock quality.

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

In this era of pioneering, the major port city had entered the most productive period of development, became a Center for trade, cultural exchange and innovation hub, the port of Hamburg is one of them. As Germany's largest port, the port of Hamburg was quickly hailed as Germany "the gate to the world". Hamburg international trade boom, Germany manufacturing to independent luxury ocean liner, built ships will soon be accredited, hailed as the world's most important modern carrier ship. Firmly based in the Mont Blanc in this era of change, and introduced both technological and aesthetic styles brand new Mont Blanc 4810 series to commemorate this important period.

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

To celebrate the 110 anniversary of the commemoration of the brand gave birth to its golden age, MONTBLANC launched several distinctive series 4810 timepiece products, and launched three brands developed the complexity of movement, external Tourbillon movement stopped second MB 29.21, double chronograph movement MB 29.20 MB LL100.1 and the world. Each series 4810 timepiece to comply with elegant and rich heritage of the brand design guidelines, features sculptures of dial with bold MONTBLANC hexagonal White Star patterns, rose gold Roman numerals and time scales, larger table shell, Sword-shaped hollow pointers and beautifully designed. The ultimate pursuit of details, bringing the series full of new, show MONTBLANC adhering to "share the Haute Horlogerie passion" for watch enthusiasts around the world to provide both high complexity, perfect quality and aesthetic value of clock works.

External Tourbillon ultra-thin MONTBLANC watches

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

New external Tourbillon ultra-thin MONTBLANC watches as the 110 anniversary of the concert for using external Tourbillon brand patent complex functions and equipped with quick stop seconds device. Compared with the traditional Tourbillon structure, external Tourbillon better, first of all, external Tourbillon frame separate from the balance and, second, frame minimum weight, so you can get more precision timing and better sex. Among them, the structure has 4 adjustable gold screws with 14 fixing screws, and 18 gold 9.7 mm screw diameter, which balance plays a very important role and further improve the precision and traditional watchmaking.

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

Barrel is encased in plywood, with 50 hours power reserve function. Its position in the structure of the movement demonstrated in the tabulation process pursued in barrel, rotor and balance between the best balance of high level development and testing capabilities. External automatic Tourbillon calibre MB 29.21 carrying decorated with fan-shaped "Geneva ripple" pattern, the new micro-rotor, movement Sapphire Crystal back cover structure at a glance, while traditional rotor typically cover half of the movement. In addition, the structure of the movement as a whole is only 4.5 mm height, showing the complex process of extraordinary quality.

Tourbillon framework with a red arrow to display the seconds, and equipped with useful quick stop seconds device. The device functions associated with the brake lever design. Brake lever through the screw balance wheel 18 screws stopped, and restarted at any time as needed. Right brake lever for the angle at the end, designers studied the best geometry and dynamics, allows the user to set the time accurate to the second, ensuring instant restart movement. In case the framework does not affect the Tourbillon, quick stop second device can be stopped in an instant balance, so you can avoid the balance continues to swing and affect the accuracy of watches. All functions and operations can be controlled by the Crown at 3 o'clock position, and scale on the dial, can tell the wearer Crown location setting: position 1 is used to give the movement chain, position 2 is used to set the time and quick stop seconds device.

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

New 4810 series with slightly larger diameter of 42 mm case, 10.14 mm total height. Case conducted careful adjustments in the design, such as matching more slim bezel and satin in the middle. Other design improvements include vertical angle at the top of retouching, formed perfect arcs at the bottom to ensure better wrist wear comfort and a more refined look. Silver and White Dial decorated with striking the upper part of Montblanc hexagonal Bai Xingji router design, lower part as "Geneva ripple" pattern, set off beautifully at the 6 o'clock position of the external structure of the Tourbillon. Dial fine noble, elegant plated rose gold Roman numerals and Sword-shaped hands, covering white Super LumiNova ® non-radioactive luminous materials, very clear and easy to read even in the dark. Outer ring adds unique special minutes of the dial scale, red "60" at the 12 o'clock position, enabling the wearer to easily read.

Mont Blanc 4810 series external Tourbillon ultra-thin watch with a black alligator leather strap, with warm rose gold case and dial rose gold inlaid detail exist side by side. The Watch has 500 hours MONTBLANC laboratory quality through rigorous testing, worn over 500 hours of real experiments.

2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches 2016SIHH new Mont Blanc 4810 watches

Mont Blanc 4810 series external Tourbillon ultra-thin watch

Item no: 114864

Movement MONTBLANC made movement MB 29.21

Movement type of self-winding mechanical movement, external Tourbillon with a quick-stop second devices

Size 30.6 mm in diameter, 4.5 mm

Component: 202

Ruby bearing number 29

Power reserve 50 hours

Balance flat ring with 18 screws

Frequency 21,600 beats per hour (3 Hz)

Spring flat

Splint rhodium-plated plates, with long fringe

Rhodium plated bridge bridge plate, decorated with fan-shaped "Geneva ripple"

Show central hour, minute display

Crown at 3 o'clock position table setting and quick stop seconds

Patented external Tourbillon at 6 o'clock position (rotate in a circle to indicate the number of seconds a minute)

Look the part

Case 18K (5N) rose gold case, polished satin-middleware

Crystal arc lens anti-scratch, anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal glass

Surface 18K (5N) rose gold, Sapphire Crystal, embedded lens

Size diameter 42 mm, height of 10.14 mm

Water resistant 5 bar Recommended the end of 2015 to buy table gold

Crown 18K (5N) rose gold, with mother-of-Pearl MONTBLANC six-pointed White Star logo

Dial Silver Dial upper part is decorated with six-pointed White Star patterns, decorative lower part "Geneva waves

The grain "pattern, external Tourbillon is highlighted. Rose gold-plated hour markers and Roman numerals, and Mary

Rose gold tapered hour and minute hands, blued steel Crown set and quick stopwatch display pointer

Strap in black alligator leather strap, with a 18K (5N) rose gold clasp

Wan Bao long, after 500 hour quality test in the laboratory

Mont Blanc 4810 series Sunday calendar watch

Mont Blanc 4810 series Sunday calendar designed for the modern traveler to create Vanguard series is more abundant. The complex features watch date display at the 3 o'clock position, and in the 12 o'clock position large curved window display week, wearer only-a-glance overview of time information. Rose gold plated tapered pointer to non-radioactive coated with SuperLumiNova luminous coating materials, scale points to rose gold Roman numerals, displays the hours and minutes. Second hand blue steel. Outer edge of the dial surrounded by a circle of precise minute, decorated with a red number "30" and "60", and non-radioactive coated with SuperLumiNova luminous coating dots improve clarity when reading at night. All displayed through an elegant silvery Ki routers dial, neatly painted MONTBLANC classic six-pointed White Star logo.

Stainless-steel case diameter 40.5 mm, 10.14 mm in height. Exquisite satin outer edge of the bezel design new lugs, watches and wrist snugly. Case is water-resistant to 50 metres, this calendar is the first in the series of timepieces in the MONTBLANC Sunday. Mont Blanc 4810 series Sunday calendar details are exquisite in their high quality is further reflected in the movement. The watches carry a MONTBLANC MB 24.18 movement through the table on the back of the built-in panes Sapphire Crystal lens, panoramic view of fine decorative details and structure of the movement. Black alligator strap, Silver Dial, white gold inlaid detail exist side by side, show the elegant and charming.

Mont Blanc 4810 series Sunday calendar watch

Item no: 114853

Movement type MB 24.18 movement

Movement type of self-winding mechanical movement

Ruby bearing number 26

About 42 hours power reserve

Balance flat ring

Frequency 28,800/hour (4 Hz)

Show central hour, minute and second display

12 o'clock position week shows and 3 o'clock position date

Casing in stainless steel, curved Sapphire Crystal glass, anti-reflective coatings

Surface in stainless steel

Size diameter 40.5 mm, height of 10.14 mm

Crown steel, inlaid ornaments Hexagon white MONTBLANC star

Dial White Dial decorated with six-pointed White Star patterns, rose gold plated hour markers and Roman numerals, and rose

Conical hour and minute hands with luminous gold, rose gold-plated second hand, date and day Windows are located at 6

And 12 o'clock position when

Strap in black alligator leather strap, stainless steel folding clasp

Mont Blanc 4810 automatic chronograph

Mont Blanc 4810 automatic chronograph series, adhering to the timeless style of the brand with a high availability. As one of today's most popular complex functional timepiece, this chronograph the perfect blend of distinctive brand design element, set elegance and modern in one striking 43 mm stainless-steel case, glyph of elegant Silver White Dial decorated with six-pointed White Star patterns, with a delicate plating rose gold Roman numerals.

The timepiece is equipped with a two-button Chronograph, powered by MONTBLANC MB 25.07 self-winding movement, power reserve up to 46 hours. Central display the hour hand, minute hand, subdial at 9 o'clock position display seconds, date subdial at 6 o'clock position to the triangle indicates; Stopwatch in the Middle dial. Set 30 minutes at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock positions respectively counters and hour counters, all device shows perfectly on top of the carefully crafted Ki routers dial.

For the best clarity readings, display time hour, minutes, seconds and indicates the date of triangle logo consists of rose gold, while all chronograph blue, tip of the stopwatch hand is highlighted in red. Makes everything clear and easy to read. SuperLumiNova coated hands of nonradioactive luminescent coating materials, precise date ring and triangle shows the dot SuperLumiNova luminous coating, making the wearer under the night dark environment makes it easy to read the time. On the minute scale of the number "30" and "60" red, also improves the visibility of the day.

As with all Mont Blanc 4810 timepiece, the new watches also practical, water-resistant to 50 metres. MONTBLANC automatic chronograph series 4810 4810 series Haute Horlogerie by the exquisite details of the highest achievement and excellence on behalf of, write the brand since 1906 always the pioneer spirit of reduction.

Mont Blanc 4810 series world world watch

With the MONTBLANC collection heritage series world world watch the successful launch in 2015, MONTBLANC is also a modern and highly appreciates the world time feature in series 4810, highlighting the courage to open up the pioneer spirit. The timepiece's name is taken from the Latin word "OrbisTerrarum", or "global", "Earth" and "world" means powered by MONTBLANC watchmakers developed complex functionality, intuitive and artfully displayed any of the time in 24 time zones. Multi-layer structure design of the dial. First Sapphire disks displayed in the Visual angle of the Arctic world city maps and represents the name of the 24 cities in different time zones; the rest is pale blue ocean, and distinguish. Second Sapphire Crystal disc displays the change of day and night, in dark blue night, and gradient yellow-green for the day. The disc also has a 24-hour ring, showing 24 different time of the city. If you need to adjust time adjust button at 8 o'clock position, location of the city at 6 o'clock local time before the red triangle logo. And then by the Crown to adjust the hour hand and the minute hand (typically associated with day and night display, and 24-hour time zone disc) to set the correct local time. Adjusted after the completion of all the time in 24 time zones will be correctly displayed on the perimeter of the dial. When traveling to a different time zone, simply adds a new city at the 6 o'clock position. Press the 8 o'clock position button again, then clockwise, Zhou city, painting, city, clock display disc and the 24-hour time zone synchronization automatically rotate to complete time setting.

Clock hours beating once per hour, so it does not affect the minute accuracy. Easy settings, new destinations and 24 local time time zone a full synchronization. As with series 4810 timepiece, Mont Blanc 4810 series world world watch every detail shows a top-level

Tab specification: fine steel table shell diameter 43 mm, high 11.87 mm, waterproof depth can up 50 meters, match elegant of round table ear, guarantee has best of wearing comfortable degrees; plating rhodium tapered pointer, makes dial flashing with moving of light; and Hamburg, and London and New York three a city of name is to red displayed, to a century yilai across Atlantic sailing history in the occupies important status of legend port tribute.

Mont Blanc 4810 series world world watch

Number: 115071

Movement MB 29.20

World shows 24-hour time zone clock display


Casing stainless-steel case, universal time button at the 8 o'clock position

Case back stainless steel back, embedded Sapphire Crystal lens

Size diameter 43 mm, height of 11.87 mm

Dial Sapphire Crystal dial displays and representatives of 24 time zones in 24 cities in the northern hemisphere, and 24 time zones

Day and night display, and beneath the Sapphire Crystal dial turning climate zone, rhodium plated cone-shaped pointer

Strap in black alligator leather strap, with a triple folding clasp

Mont Blanc 4810 anniversary series 110

MONTBLANC introduces three series 4810 limited external Tourbillon ultra-thin watches--110 anniversary, double chronograph 110 anniversary and world 110 anniversary pocket watch in the world. Inspiration all the tables are taken from the golden age of transatlantic trade flourishing development. Luxury cruise ship is a symbol of industrial and artistic innovation is developing rapidly, and many of the large luxury cruise plays an important role of Germany has become the world's leading countries. All vessels crossing the Atlantic compete for a Blue Ribbon Award, the award is granted in Mexico Gulf stream West to speed the fastest passenger ship. This recognition is the highest tribute show outstanding and excellent, so become a source of inspiration for a new series of limited edition. To pay tribute to this era, every commemorative timepiece with its unique details from different aesthetic point of view to explain the interpretation of unique designs the world's oceans, to pay tribute to the golden age.

Mont Blanc 4810 series external Tourbillon ultra-thin watch 110 anniversary

Three external Tourbillon ultra-thin MONTBLANC watches above 110 anniversary of the face, decorated with North America, Asia and continental Europe respectively manual micro-map, beautifully illustrate the theme across the Atlantic. Each piece of hand-drawn maps of the different, 110 limited-edition watches as unique works. Below the dial is decorated with "Geneva ripple" pattern, prominent external Tourbillon at 6 o'clock position device and a single Roman numeral XII rhodium plating and rhodium-plated pierced hands, panoramic map. Outer ring with fine minute ring of the dial, red "60" and "12" scale of numbers easy to read.

Appreciation of close external Tourbillon ultra-thin watch 110 anniversary, decorated in exquisite design details on 42 mm Platinum case. Slim bezel edge satin decorated, top lugs in a straight line, slightly curvy rear end, ensuring the wearer's wrist for best comfort.

This limited edition watch with self-made MB29.14 movement. The movement was first equipped with decorated with fan-shaped "Geneva ripple" pattern of micro-rotor devices through large size Sapphire Crystal lens on the back cover, glance into the patented self movement of style. To show hand-painted dials moving style, the Crown does not set quick stop seconds mechanism.

The quick stop seconds feature in the framework of the Tourbillon by bearing in mind that the Red arrows display. External Tourbillon by tiny silk buttons stop screw balance wheel, enables the user to set the time accurate to the second, which is the reason for this useful function can be realized. Quick stop seconds device which turned balance stop spinning, rather than stopped Tourbillon framework, so as to avoid the balance continues to swing and thus interfere with wristwatch precision. The device can be achieved by pulling out the Crown at 3 o'clock position. Mont Blanc 4810 series external Tourbillon ultra-thin watch 110 anniversary with a black alligator leather strap and 18K white gold clasp.

Mont Blanc 4810 series external Tourbillon ultra-thin watches the 110 anniversary of the North American limited edition

Code: 115125

Dial half micro North America pattern hand-painted on the dial, decorative lower part "Geneva ripple"

Mont Blanc 4810 series external Tourbillon ultra-thin watch 110 anniversary of the European limited edition

Item no: 115072

Dial dial half miniature hand-painted pattern in continental Europe, lower part decorated "Geneva ripple"

Mont Blanc 4810 series external Tourbillon ultra-thin Watch Asia 110 anniversary limited edition

Item no: 115124

Miniature hand painted Asian city, the upper part of the dial the dial patterns, decorative lower part "Geneva ripple"

Limited Edition 38

Mont Blanc 4810 dual flight chronograph 110 anniversary

MONTBLANC premium time inevitably carry practical homemade complex functions, the new Mont Blanc 4810 dual flight chronograph 110 anniversary is no exception. The Flyback chronograph can be used for playing time, just press the button at 4 o'clock position, you can stop, reset and restart the timer. Double chronograph is not only able to restart the Central seconds hand (blue) and Central minute hand (rose gold), two pointers are zero, and immediately restart, beginning a new round of timing. Another button at 2 o'clock position, can also be used to start and stop the timer. Before the 4 o'clock button to stop the timer back to zero.

Mont Blanc 4810 series double chronograph automatic calibre MB 110 anniversary of carrying LL100.1. The movement is completely independently developed and assembled by brand, simultaneously with Chronograph and other Central pointers to implement dual display function (when the two functions and inheritance of precision time series between the watch features the same). The timing of the movement using traditional column wheel and vertical clutch system to accurately start and stop the timer. Two barrels to ensure that 72-hour power reserve and, therefore, even if the wearer took off his watch at the weekend, then Monday morning to wear back, milliseconds difference, accurate and correct.

From an aesthetic point of view, all classic MONTBLANC design ideas can be to explore on this watch. Stainless-steel case diameter 43 mm, hollow glyph of silver white dial, showing iconic Hexagon MONTBLANC White Star patterns. Hour markers-rose gold Roman numerals and button when an alternate rendering, pointer-Barton and hollow designs, point to dial around the scale displays the most accurate seconds and minutes. Every hour markers are non-radioactive coated with SuperLumiNova ® luminous coating materials, improve clarity when reading at night. Every 10 minutes and is marked by red numbers on the minute scale, the wearer can more easily read during the day.

For these functions, the watch in rose gold plated tapered pointer displays hours and minutes, while the second time zone is through the highly recognizable blue cone-shaped pointer (in their home). Due to the pull out the Crown when the second hand does not stop moving, set local time becomes very easy and accurate. Subdial at 6 o'clock position to tip of the Red-Rose Gold pointers show seconds, and marked by a red triangle indicates the date subdial at 12 o'clock position then painting mini-maps of the world, so that the wearer can even travel to learn about home day and night time, and recall periods across the Atlantic to create a pioneering spirit. Mont Blanc 4810 double chronograph 110 anniversary of an elegant, black crocodile leather strap, limited edition of 1110.

Mont Blanc 4810 double chronograph 110 anniversary

Item no: 114859

Movement MB LL100.1

Self-winding mechanical movement movement type, double chronograph

Dimensions: diameter: 31.8 mm, height of 7.9 mm

Ruby bearing number 36

About 72 hours power reserve

Display small seconds and date at 6 o'clock position

Central second time zone display, 12 o'clock position 24 hours day and night display

Dial with Central seconds hand and the minute hand

Casing in stainless steel, polished satin finish bezel

Surface steel, embedded Sapphire Crystal lens

Size diameter 43 mm, height of 14.58 mm

Conical hour and minute hands with luminous gold, second time zone hour hand of the cone-shaped blue steel, rose gold plated 24 hours

Pointer, rose gold plated small second, red tip blue steel chronograph second hand, Chronograph rose gold plated

PIN, date at 6 o'clock luminous red triangle is used to indicate the location of

Wan Bao long, after 500 hour quality test

*SuperLumiNova ® is not a registered trademark of Montblanc

Mont Blanc 4810 series world world 110 anniversary pocket watch

The perfect time to coincide with the commemoration of the 110 anniversary of the brand, MONTBLANC launched the first pocket watch excellent adds exquisite timing for a new series 4810 CLS. Mont Blanc 4810 series world world watch 110 anniversary follows not only to pocket watches as the preferred timepiece of the concept in the early 20th century, more popular with the universal time function – a complex function to perfection, is the best choice for the modern traveller.

Setting of the clock itself is extremely simple, the wearer at 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock position button is pressed, the home city (or the wearer's home time zone nearest city) before any revision of the red arrow to the 6 o'clock position to set the home time zone. By the Crown to set hour and minutes at 12 o'clock position, and rotate to note at this time, Central map the correct clock display appears. Set finished, thanks to large Windows Dial design, just a glimpse of the wearer, you can clearly read the 24 time zones time. Travel is equally simple, worn only at 5 o'clock and 6 o'clock position button is pressed until the new local time is prior to the 6 o'clock position of the red arrow. Home time constant, when pressing at a time, day and night display and clock adjusted accordingly without further regulation, maintaining its simple operation.

Cover pocket watch carried by MONTBLANC watchmaker completely independent research and development and Assembly of complex functional movements of the world MB 29.20. Diameter 53 mm "l e pine" style steel case dial with easy to read, and simple design makes more than enough space for layout 24 city name. Multilayer structured dial, Sapphire Crystal glass engraved, and overlook the city, shown by the North Pole scene. Inscribed around the map represents the names of the 24 cities in different time zones, and below the disc then shows day and night alternate and 24 time zones. The disc with the rotary movement mechanisms, and with the change of day and night ground color. Than watch this 4810 series world world watch with larger disk sizes painted Earth and city names, thus increasing the difficulty of rotation. From MONTBLANC r MB 29.20 movement is fully able to support the additional size and weight, perfect interpretation of the aesthetic implication of the new large dial.

Ship rope fine steel chains, Pocket add style, reminiscent of the transatlantic themes and inspiration for MONTBLANC constant pursuit of refined aesthetics and performance passion, as passed by the luxury liners of the last century the epoch-making innovation spirit, admirable.

Mont Blanc 4810 series world world 110 anniversary pocket watch

Item no: 114928

Movement MB 29.20

Case "l e pine"-style stainless-steel case

Back cover steel, engraved a particular typeface

Size diameter 53 mm, height 16.80 mm

Bracelet silver

Dial Sapphire Crystal dial displays and representatives of 24 time zones in 24 cities in the northern hemisphere, 24 hours

Under day and night in Sapphire Crystal dial rotation, rose gold plated hollow cone-shaped pointer

Limited edition of 110

Mont Blanc series dial wristwatch movement Tourbillon rose gold anniversary

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Early autumn black style theory

Fresh girl without artificial Mina always black items at arm's length, but fashion tide people's favorite color is black, and love of beauty! Early fall season, will tell you some tips for taking black, quickly joined the army of black tide!

Hipster mix model

Hipster mix model

Black t shirt with purplish red skinny jeans is the most common collocation method in the autumn, is out to break is very convenient.

Hipster mix model

Hipster mix model

Black bag hip dress black and white striped sweater, casually wearing a pair of Red sneakers, mix&match feeling.

Hipster mix model

Hipster mix model

Soft pink-and-black, pink can seem softer, making black look more mysterious.

Hipster mix model Watch 2016 which will become popular

As early as the autumn of ginger make up with black overalls, lively, there are sweet temperament.

Black common in early fall style fashion match fashion skinny jeans bag hip dress

Monday, January 18, 2016

Elegant style Li Ting tender bloom

Larger Cup underwear can highlight women's subtle tenderness, to create a beautiful and elegant style. Large cup lingerie gorgeous unparalleled passion, Li Ting tenderness blooms from the inside.

Your wardrobe for the absence of such a beautiful and has some plastic bra? Small series models are carefully selected for you large cup lingerie, beautiful lace, gorgeous fashion delicate flower-shaped, and embellishment of Swarovski rhinestones ... ... There is a that you like!

Underwear is recommended: the end of Flash NET embroidered lace matching stretch mesh fabric, fabrics light and breathable, comfortable nature, exquisite embroidery, suffused with a faint sheen on the mesh becomes more colorful charm, highlighting women's exquisite beauty. Lightweight and comfortable 3/4 thin non-woven glass, and extending to the shoulder before, greatly enhancing the inclusiveness of BRA, more coverage, better plastic effect.

Elegant style Li Ting tender bloom

3/4 non-woven Cup Bras you love love love SL12 buy now Autumn pants for street scenes of Paris Show

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

United States fashion blogger over Beckham play the gold match

From United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie recently attracted the attention of road in the network, as a fashion buyer for her changing shape, which can instantly morph • socialite Daphne Guinness and dressed as songstress Christina Aguilera. In this changing shape, invariably Blair k gold huge watch on the wrist, k-gold wrist watch and a lot of jewelry in a heap, it is one of the most popular styles!

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

If you mention k-gold huge watch, the first reaction must be Rolex! After all, starting from the 80 's of last century, Daikin Dr becomes a rich sense of direction in China, people have too many unknown not debut of emotion, and now gold is Beckham again after deduction became a popular fashion accessory elements.

Beauty blogger, Blair spared no effort in their own street show the importance of k-gold wrist watch, and art van full of winding ropes match together, or match the K-GOLD ring, or styling is elements, do not feel fully match outbreak, warm flavor under the Sun!

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

No wonder Blair Eadie himself said in an interview, she had no fixed style of dressing, if you have a style that is to say "linked with new bold".

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

K-gold or rose gold case Bracelet Watch texture, are now street photography the most photographed items accessories! Read Blair's modest, you know it! Large gold wrist watch set, Blair personally for you!

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

In Blair Street, occasionally there is a strong sense of drama tie-in, but it also has practical and concise reference, she can play the different items of the same color mixing, can also challenge All Black Look, like pile to wear lots of jewelry. The dare to play, not to his dress limits bloggers can attract you?

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

United States San Francisco fashion blogger Blair Eadie

People who know all know that movement material used is brass, while the casing is divided into Platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold. A lot of people will put Platinum and white gold mixed, but price is a far cry from the dial of the two materials! For daily wear, so, rose gold or white k Jin Cai were nice and practical choice! The secret garden to put on These beautiful color

Fashion bloggers United States fashion blogger the San Francisco match Beckham played gold watch

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The bride must be divinely short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride

In people given impression, the bride seems to be wearing a beautiful dress, hot little wave, wearing vintage veils, charming and elegant. But ever the bride can in fact be cool full, even romantic flavor much more memorable!

The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride

The girl in the photo wearing a wedding dress from London brand--La Sie Po é Bridal 2016 Collection series. Wedding dress looks like you is very simple, it is one of the most popular slip dress. Play this dress up model also did not like the stars on the red carpet, matching a pair of small, feminine high heels, but punk taste full of thick soles a pair of strappy shoes stepped on the foot.

The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride

Side a bit of lace, wedding dress designs, feminine and models with short hair like a square peg, wearing round sunglasses, not only reminds us of the women in this killer is not very cool style.

The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride

But the styling to Feminine Mystique is not easy, let photographers into black and white tones, the model assumed a posture of who cares, does not like wedding photos, more like casual visitors took to Paris.

The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride

Want a cool woman, choosing exaggerated match jewelry is also very good, in addition to full boho eardrop, wide bracelets, long necklace is a good choice.

The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride

Back of the dress is very sketchy, Grand Halter design with Pearl trim, quite a few taste of Chanel. Motorcycle Leather wind resistance and street

The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride

Photos forget that red tape and create your very own fashion designs!

The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride The bride must be divinely? short hair wearing sunglasses make a Paris cool bride

Bride in Paris wearing a Mexican wedding dress feminine wedding this killer is not very cool with strappy shoes

Monday, January 11, 2016

Last dancers Michael Jackson King of pop s friendship

Serbia national stylist Rushka Bergman now living in New York. As the L'Uomo Vogue and Italy Edition of the distinguished fashion editor at Vogue, she has worked with Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman and Hilary Clinton, and many other celebrity cooperation. But in recent years, made her fame in there-it was her Givenchy and Balmain Couture draped shoulder of Michael Jackson, created a new, full of fashionable flavor of Jackson. They start from partners, and became close friends in two years ' time. One month before his death, King of pop said to the stylists, they will never separate.

In the film this is it (This is it) that the audience can't see Michael Jackson prepared for a tour of finery – including a dotted with 4 million Swarovski crystals, dazzling costumes and lit by LED technology. However, this unfortunately also for compensation: watching the stars dress rehearsal of the entire process, see King and real at the same time, Jackson wore a series of designer fashion in the rehearsal also showed up on the screen.

Michael Jackson prepared for the tour costumes

Michael Jackson prepared for the tour costumes

You may be interested in the King that is the envy of pagoda-shoulder black leather coat that fit. Collar another set shorter row Crystal dress fell eyes. These fashion from the hand of the designer of major fashion houses, including Christophe Decarnin of Balmain, Dior Homme's Kris Van Assche, MichaelJackson his relationship with fashion speak, the famous Tom Ford.

Michael Jackson Bergman

Michael Jackson Bergman

In the early 80 's, Jackson, with his unique and dramatic stage became worthy of a fashion icon. Sequined glove, white socks and soft hat is his trademark item. Later, on his court wear surgical masks, bandages and other strange things are taken for granted – some of these items are by his longtime Los Angeles costume designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins has produced--in their Studio and put a mannequin with Jackson. However, the image of Jackson in recent years revealed a strong sense of fashion. Most impressive is undoubtedly the Balmain vintage shoulder line, as well as a large area of embroidery. These changes in his lifetime has attracted worldwide media attention. Everywhere on the Internet speculated that who is for stars to create a new image? His secret weapon is actually based in New York, Serbia famous stylists, Rushka Bergman.

Last dancers Michael Jackson King of pop's friendship

Initial cooperation with the idol

Rushka Bergman longtime L'Uomo Vogue and Italy Edition of the distinguished fashion editor at Vogue. She is MichaelJackson stylist for stars such as cooperation, and "this is it" world tour the creative consultant and image Designer. Her early majored in economics at the University of Belgrade, and later to study in the Ghana arts. In 2000, she participated in the GiorgioArmani exhibition of creative work, and the Guggenheim Museum of art and the London Royal College of art production cooperative planning combined with publication of this exhibition, together with photographer Tom Munro photographed a lot of photos in the book--Bergman's first contact with fashion-related work. In 2004, her collaboration with rock singer and photographer Bryan Adams and Calvin Klein filming a book called the United States of women (American Women) pictures. In this album, she has done modeling for Hillary Clinton.



Bergman in New York is not a long time, but she has had a lot of big names on the resumes--Hilary Clinton, and Bjork, and Cindy Crawford, and Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, celebrity is her customer. As the fashion editor of L'Uomo Vogue, her subject is all-inclusive: Director Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino, actor Robert Deniro and Casey Affleck and Morgan Freeman, singer Jay-z and Snoop Dogg, the architect Rem Koolhaas (Rem Koolhaas) And basketball star Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) ... ... In this long list, she is quick to point out that, MichaelJackson is the noblest among all partners, and also one of the most experienced.

The stylist working with Jackson for the first time, was in the year 2007. "I'm for Italy of the L'UomoVogue work. We shot a lot of Directors, athletes and actors. We want to choose a film idol in music, I suggest looking for Michael Jackson, he wrote a letter of invitation. Three weeks later, I received a phone call, the other claiming to be his lawyer, entrusted to contact me. "

MJ three anniversary morning, Hollywood

MJ three anniversary morning, Hollywood

She said, "I'm completely confused, thought I had said something rude to him in faith. I became frightened, and begin an apology. Tell me, Michael agrees to take photos, I couldn't believe my ears, I said, can you say that one more time? Then, while I haven't fainted with excitement, I hurry to call the editor and tell him the good news. "

Until today, Bergman continues to believe that the shooting is one of the most important in the history of the preparatory process.

"I've been looking for to assist in the production of thousands of girls, final size is reduced to six. During the filming of the scene, they see Michael was completely shocked, he cried: ' girls, you are too cute! ' "In order to get the word of praise, they all fought for five months.

As a superstar, Michael during the filming in not putting on airs. "He was very professional, know that working with him was the industry's best stylist, makeup artist and photographer. In his eyes, we work with no high or low points of his work. "Bergman said," several hundreds of staff on site.

The thriller album music just sounded, he immediately started dancing in front of cameras. Until a few months later recalled that scene, we are still excited to tears. His energy is so strong, I some times delusion that he is an alien. "

Jackson's three children. From left: Prince, Blankett and Paris

Jackson's three children. From left: Prince, Blankett and Paris

  As a super model King

In 2007, Bergman for the first Jackson put on a slim design--Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane include Mick Jagger, Thurston Moore, AlexKapranos, almost all well known male rock singer in hot pursuit. Someone of the L'UomoVogue of this group of photos as a return of Jackson as the King of fashion.

In respect of the Michael Jackson, Bergman's devotion to work and love to his surprise. First really hit it off, so their relationship continues and soon escalated into personal friendship from partners. He appreciated her honest personalities – in the course of work, she has every thing will get to the point, what can be done, what not to do, she was unequivocal.

"He has complete confidence in my taste, always told me not to stop, because he thinks I am his one of the most interesting people I know! After we became friends, he told me, I was in Las Vegas for the first time in his room, he smells to me of Eastern Mediterranean atmosphere. "The stylist said. In the past two years, they met frequently, maintain close relations of cooperation.

Jackson's parents

Jackson's parents

Bergman, Jackson is a "supermodel" because he look good in anything – even the dress it is so nice to wear. She has a lot of his family snapshots taken when fitting. "He is so sexy! "She said. On this point, the audience in the film this is it should get the full experience. After many surgeries of his face without any damage to the charm of this powerful.

"He wears Balmain on screen, you can't help but admire cried. "

Bergman said.

In addition to the one or two killjoys beyond print shirt and shorts, Jackson dressed most of the time in the film glory. That does not match a few clothes by designer Christian Audigier in Los Angeles--he had with Jackson to discuss the partnership. But more often, he's those sophisticated cut, there, brightly colored clothing will hold the audience's attention. As a backup dancer audition, he is wearing a short dress jacket of the Tom Ford;

Doing the thriller dance rehearsals, he dressed in Dior Homme Orange skinny jeans and a shoulder mounted Crystal Balmain motorcycle jacket in red; a Balmain suede military jacket with Alessandro Dell'Acqua sequined pants also impressive-they made Jackson look stylish and appealing.

"Look at the clothing Rushka selection, you will through them to see how Michael will affect her. "" This is it "tour's Deputy Director and choreographer Travis Payne said.

Hollywood giant MJ mural

Hollywood giant MJ mural

Failed to achieve miracles

"On new year's day, my phone rang. I pick up the phone and someone in there singing opera. I was completely stunned. I said, ' who the hell are you? 'Michael replied: ' what do you think? ' He was always so shy, I just don't know how to describe his gentle voice. "Bergman remembrance road. Since the first time I saw Jackson, she was certain that stood before a genius. Since then, her world changed--she was walking in the streets of Las Vegas, I suddenly realized that beside the pedestrian seemed unexciting – compared with Michael to, how much they are worth.

"The more I see him the more I fall in love with him. He is a miracle. He is the soul of the most noble person in the world. Both from within and the outside, nobody in the world can be compared with him. I've seen a lot of stars, and I talk to them, cooperation--compared with Michael's charm, they catch up. He is able to put everyone behind. "Bergman said," I can't believe it, this dear friend just died. "Before he died, they had been preparing for the tour. "Unfortunately he is not able to turn it into reality. Was amazing. "

In recent years, pop stars have invited fashion designer costumes. Kylie Minogue for their recent tour of North America prefers to choose JeanPaul Gaultier,Beyonc é ThierryMugler. Deputy Director Payne hope to use a similar method for the Jackson concerts seeking support from fashion force. He extended an invitation to several fashion designers, ask for sketches, including John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. And finally was selected by New York designer Zaldy. He is a clothing designer, also has experience in producing costumes, good music and fashion together, Scissor Sisters and Gwen Stefani are his customers.

Julien, and MJ Queen's costume with Michael Bush

Julien, and MJ Queen's costume with Michael Bush

Zaldy made 10 costumes for Jackson, there are also 6 producer is MichaelBush and Dennis Tompkin. "Zaldy is the new sensation, he made Michael feel confident. "Payne said," while Bush was a good friend of Michael, so I wanted to make the two designers to cooperate. "

Bush created a name as "elegant crime" the white costumes, inspired by the 1940 's men's wear, with Pinstripe fabric suits. Zaldy is the thriller dance production of the latest coat – on his shoulder, the hand embroidery, visually looks like blood directly from the shoulders down. "That dress is probably the most difficult to do, because it's so iconic. "The designer said. However, the most noteworthy is designed for the Billie Jean costume: studded with Crystal jacket, dress pants, socks and install LED lights remote control glove. Zaldy memory test equipment at the scene said: "Michael puts on it, can't close the mouth. He said, ' I've been to is the one. '"

King of friendship

Forbes magazine estimates that if the tour is successful, Jackson will receive up to $ 2.5 billion in revenue. He actually did not mind about this. He has no fewer than 30 people around to take care of his life and all aspects of the work and, in addition, there are 11 lawyers stand ready to make recommendations to him. He lives in a completely isolated from the outside world, but he was also to see, who is a really good friend. Per Bergman arrived in Los Angeles, he would get her on the phone, sometimes ride to folishan hotel to meet her in person. "Slowly roll down the window of the limousine, Michael is behind the window waving to me, called me in the past-he sat around six bodyguards. We love each other. No matter what I wear, he likes, he always wanted to try on my clothes, ask me all the time, so a where I've been. " Designer charm edging petty boy I wasn t successful

MJ the third anniversary of the death of cemetery Memorial

Being a top stylist, Bergman's most famous fashion houses, Tom Ford will listen to her advice. And when speaking of departed King of pop, as humble as she looked like a normal fan, Jackson deeply fascinated by the cult admiration. "In life, Michael Jackson never selfish. As the King of pop, he always likes to share – and the world before he died, who also refused to acknowledge it. People don't understand him, him alone with his live music – like Beethoven or Mozart's death. Selected by him, as his makeup artist and make friends with him, I feel very lucky. "Rushka Bergman said.

A month before his death, Jackson and his stylist and eat dinner together. When he asked her: "do you know why I like to work with you? Because of you I never mentioned money. We do not need to develop any agreements. You trust me, I trust in you. I've been in the past two years had six managers. You're the only one who still followed me. People come and go, and you, my darling, you will always be with me. "The last time she saw him was two weeks before he died.

"He is beautiful, don't see any gloomy mood. He even jumped a few dance steps, appear to take anything to heart. He, as always, so gentle, so gregarious. Nobody ever gave me that feeling--maybe Steven Spielberg, but Michael was unusual, his enthusiasm and sincerity has thoroughly impressed me. All looks good, I don't expect things to happen so suddenly. "

Heard about Jackson's death, Bergman was Studio. At that moment, she almost fell from the Chair onto the floor. She repeatedly whispered: "that's impossible. "After so many days, she cries all the time. Finally she put in hand all the photos and information reserved for the film ' this is it '.

"I knew it was a high honor--I got the chance to get acquainted with him, I can really get to know him. Media is so unfair to him, so cruel, really made me sad. He had cancer, his nose would not fall, all of these messages is stupid lie. King of pop has now joined the ranks of the angels, but his concerts always be with us. "Bergman says.

Michael shot fashion designer design stylist fashion styling