Saturday, July 25, 2015

Stamp of tears in science and technology: 3D printing help one-armed boy hugging mother

From United States Alex Pring in groveland, Florida is a little boy who was born without his right arm, he is 6 years old, his real life wish is to use his arms to hug his mother. Despicable me iPad Air

Alex's mother through the understanding that, in order to achieve the simple desire of the son, she needs to pay for a prosthetic that can control $ 40,000, they buy insurance simply cannot afford to bear. And become long-term 6 young children, prosthetic replacement soon, it's going to be a long-term astronomical expenditures. In desperation, she sends letters to a Web site dedicated to artificial limbs.

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University of Central Florida (UCF) aerospace engineering doctoral student Albert Manero wants to help the boy, he had heard on the radio a South Africa Youth 3D printers produced the Palm story. Manero said excitedly share this story with your team, and his team are studying electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and civil engineering, these enthusiastic young people decided to use 3D printer to achieve one-arm boy prosthetic wishes, and use that learning was a piece by Alex through his biceps to activate and to drive the arm.

Commercial 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys donated some materials for this project, they buy some batteries in the shop. Whole team after 7 weeks of free time to do this prosthesis, cost $ 350. Doctor tells Alex family, compared with $ 40,000, which is obviously much cheaper.

Alex the placement of a prosthesis (prosthesis based on his shoulder muscles to switch), he opened his mouth and smiled and gave his mother a hug – this is the first time he embraced her with open arms. All tears. Boy was soon adapted to the arm, he gradually learned the simple moves and shake hands with people, which is obviously to some extent changed his life.

After the boy's arm, Manero put their designs on the Internet so that others will be able to download for free and continue to improve it. Just $ 20 can do after a Palm, 40 to 50 dollars could do a little arm. Manero said, "my mother taught me to apply what they have learned. We should use our knowledge to make the world a better place. When Alex first fitted with prosthetic facial expression is priceless. " Despicable me iPad Air

Manero this month, will travel to Germany, as Germany Aerospace Center, but he has promised to help other families to do artificial limbs. He said: "I think that 3D printing has changed our world in many ways. The international community will work to improve this technology and lower production costs, I am convinced of this.

See the little boy smile, would you believe that technology is changing lives and the world will become more and more beautiful.


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