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Week list 1127

Zenith ELITE 6150 top calibre Huan yan; Tissot brand was formally announced, Ambassador Huang Xiaoming portrait of his interpretation of the time Carl F. Bucherer Interlaken (Interlaken) store Grand opening of Panerai "history of HISTORY AND LEGEND and the legend" exhibition at Taipei 101 Mall Grand opening of the Vacheron Constantin Macau city shadow meeting Grand opening of new stores.

Elite 6150: "best looking gentleman dress watch"

Week list 1127

New Elite Zenith 6150 slim watch reviews by many domestic and foreign media as 2015 "best looking gentleman dress watch", it has a tone of their own. Watch beautiful, incorporates Elite movement, power reserve was extended to not less than 100 hours, but still thin. 42 mm thin case curved carrying pure and simple dial, and configuration fine long pointer, called when Ji Zhen, handed down for generations.

Double barrel new movement 100-hour long power remain slim as ever

Double barrel new movement 100-hour long power remain slim as ever

Technology needs to be contemporary, Zenith will be available once the 1994 success "movement of the year" award of Elite movements pushed up the stage again. New Elite 6150 added a second barrel of the movement, the length of the original 55-hour power-reserve doubled. New movement made up of 195 components, but it is only 3.92 mm thickness.

Week list 1127

Movement increases to 30 mm in diameter, in order to better meet the modern wrist watch style and loads more new features for the future provides a flexible and reliable foundation. Another notable improvement is the second movement from the 9 o'clock position before adjustment for sweep Center seconds, to greatly improve the movement range, accuracy, and reliability. Elite 6150 movement with hours, minutes, Central seconds hand function, frequency of 28,800 per hour.

Simple pure best choice for elegant classical charm gentleman

Simple pure best choice for elegant classical charm gentleman

Elite 6150 slim Watch not only has accompanied new precision movement, it understated simplicity, pure and elegant classical style is more engaging. Fine steel thin face newly designed a pebble shape, lines, understated simplicity, long, beveled lugs set off the lines refined and elegant temperament, unique charm and style of antique watches. Slim styling of watches real reservations, only 9.45 mm thickness.

Its dial design is the perfect highlight the timeless classics of this time: in the arc of a silver dial, slender stick pointer in order of priority, sing the song of eternal time. Slender long timescale of elaborately carved relief-like beauty of Groove to form a stunning visual effect. Transparent back cover design movement mechanism and ingenious rhythms show an exhaustive rotor, refined and elegant style spread over the wrist.

03.2270.6150/01.C493 RMB 48,000

03.2270.6150/01.C493 RMB 48,000

This is your moment

Tissot new brand proposition officially revealed

Ambassador Huang Xiaoming portrait of his interpretation of the moment

Tissot a grand new global brand proposition – "this is your time (THIS IS YOUR TIME)", and we believe this exciting idea will resonate with everyone. Important moments in one's life, especially those who inspire us to dare to turn the page, and move the decisive moment, Tissot has always been a precise timing of professional-quality recorded and witnessed every time. New brand slogan, stunning visual design, and comprehensive image promotion activities are highlighted the market leader position of Tissot, combined with its long history and fine watchmaking, all make the Tissot is outstanding in the crowd, colorful Olympus.

Tissot new brand proposition officially revealed

Tissot new brand proposition officially revealed

The new claim "THIS IS YOUR TIME (this is your time)" easily resonate with consumers, and it seems to tell us that this watch is for you only. In addition, it can also encourage active, fearless challenges call for courage to open up a new chapter in life. Behind the Visual design is built around watches or brand Ambassador for the story, reveals that each Tissot unsurpassed outstanding personality, to reflect the wearer's unique qualities. Users need a trustworthy brand, corresponds to, as well as with their own brand of spiritual connotation, it can be a reliable performance, traditional heritage, or a charming design, charm of the appeal. Through this new brand proposition, Tissot expectations resonate with each user is able to.

Very emotional tension storytelling rooted in the Tissot brand gene. Reminiscent of the Tissot has been unchanged since the founding the pioneering spirit and innovation of tradition. Acquisition, conquest and innovations, this is the Tissot brand new tagline to tell the story. Swatch cover watch

Huang Xiaoming portrait of his interpretation of the moment

Worth mentioning is that the brand advocated by Tissot Ambassador Huang Xiaoming portrait of deduction, by world famous photographer Peggy Sirota Zhang Jing, in this group by three different scenes of life in the large, showing different styles of Huang Xiaoming and Tissot watches. Heavyweight star and photographer, witness the common interpretation of Tissot of Switzerland quality, let it be the wearer's personal companion, and he witnessed a wonderful life together.

Huang Xiaoming first for Shang a free and easy, and Frank of leisure costume, pairing days shuttle make wisdom solar series professional version wrist table, this a experts level movement wrist table for consumers of movement moments added unlimited carefree of meaning; rigorous, and important of business moments also not missing days shuttle wrist table of accompanied, Huang Xiaoming dressed in simple, and able of business costume, vivid deduction has daily walking hurried of city people of work State, wrist Shang classic handsome of days shuttle Durul series steel strap paragraph for he added a copies confidence; last, Huang Xiaoming to retro fashion, and Technology research of Tissot Durul series Brown strap portrait show party time gentleman of calm temperament, rose gold case with handsome black elegant evening dress accessories complement each other, as the wearer a sense of understated luxury.

Huang Xiaoming dressed in casual attire, deductive Tissot Teng chi solar watches

Huang Xiaoming dressed in casual attire, deductive Tissot Teng chi solar watches

Huang Xiaoming dressed in business attire, interpretation of Tissot Durul watches

Huang Xiaoming dressed in business attire, interpretation of Tissot Durul watches

Huang Xiaoming dressed in evening attire, deductive Tissot Durul watches

Huang Xiaoming dressed in evening attire, deductive Tissot Durul watches

Tissot Ambassador Huang Xiaoming new blockbuster officially announced

Tissot Ambassador Huang Xiaoming new image large areas of Softimage, trying to interpret the profound connotation of Tissot new claims--this is the moment to meet new challenges. The temperament of the brave has to face challenges Huang Xiaoming, showing the "gentleman, persistence, diversification, and challenges" ethos, based on his own experience inspired the holding back of dream, fearlessly to meet all challenges. Their grip on life and sure, coincides with Tissot has always been advocated by people, this is exactly what the Tissot brand wants to unfold to the world the spirit of the moment.

Tissot Ambassador Huang Xiaoming new image large formal announcement: this is the moment to meet the challenges of the new

Tissot Ambassador Huang Xiaoming new image large formal announcement: this is the moment to meet the challenges of the new

Carl F. Bucherer Interlaken (Interlaken) store Grand opening

Originated in Switzerland Lucerne (Luzern) of traditional watchmaking brand Po Cile, in Switzerland the famous tourist city of Interlaken open local first brand store, display style is concise and lively, enjoyable.

Zurich, October 2015: based in Lucerne of Switzerland watch brands Po Cile (Carl f. Bucherer) recently in Switzerland Tourism city of Interlaken (Interlaken) opened the first local brand stores, even more powerful; the new store is located in the city's famous h which the Victoria Jungfrau hotel in heweg Street (Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel and Spa). Carl F. Bucherer Sascha Moeri, Chief Executive said: "Po Cile is a renowned international Switzerland watch brands, the new store opening marks an important step in Bao Qi Lai business. 」

Interlaken Bao Cile stores within the overall atmosphere is warm and pleasant, elegant design style, simplicity, detail, interpretation of the brand's pursuit of perfection and obsession. Customers in a relaxing environment, carefully watch display cabinet of Carl F. Bucherer watches.

A warm-hearted welcome

Store indoor decoration adhering to global treasure Cile stores of design concept: moist of deep red Walnut wood shaping has kind of elegant atmosphere, mill sand brass, decoration material very with modern will temperament, and gorgeous of wood quality wall body mutual reflect; Pearl gray wood quality wall body of texture reflection out implicit of light sense effect, deep red melody and elegant bright of Pearl gray compared pleasing; elegant style and neat line match, which blend decorative art style, show has Bucherer of unique attraction. A quiet rest area can make customers relax and shop within the possession of the library the books closely associated with Carl F. Bucherer brand history, traces the development of the brand since the founding in 1888, Carl F. Bucherer since more than a century of glorious history has a better understanding. Worthy of mention is the A1000 showcase exhibit Bucherer family research and development, production and embedded CFB A1000 movement and function module, it shows the other side of the counter across the precious timepieces of the brand.

This independent stores opening in Interlaken, witnessed the development of Carl F. Bucherer brand success.

Officine Panerai "history of HISTORY AND LEGEND and the legend" exhibition at Taipei 101 shopping center Grand opening

Italy advanced watch brand Panerai "history of History and Legend and the legend" exhibition official inauguration on November 19, will run until November 29, 2015, the exhibition at the Panerai brand new shop floor, Taipei 101 shopping mall Plaza. Officine Panerai invited internationally renowned engraving artist Lai Yunong (Mr. Uno Lai) build out like deep of exhibition space, prototype size same of "slow speed torpedo" (SLC) model also first in Taiwan displayed; exhibition also special divided three big exhibition; respectively for classic history table paragraph, and professional diving table series and 2015 new focus table paragraph, let wrist table lovers near distance appreciate Pei na sea series different period of wrist table, excavations brand rich of history traditional.

Visitors can travel through time, witnessed in the period of 1930, 1940 and 1950, Panerai Watches classic birth story, and enjoy with the prototype of the same size "slow speed torpedo"-Siluro a Lenta Corsa (SLC) (7.5 meters long and diameter of 0.53 m) model. First SLC in 1938 by two Italy Navy Genio Navale (Naval engineer) Captain Teseo Tesei and Elio Toschi design to meet the brave Commando in the bottom of a dangerous mission. At that time, the Italy Navy commandos dressed in heavy "Belloni" diving suits even the rubber masks, built-in oxygen breathing apparatus and emergency respirators containing soda lime, which can absorb carbon dioxide, block breath easily because of the bubble rise movements. Commandos wearing a wetsuit, and equipped with a Panerai wrist watch and compass, depth gauge special for them to build the instruments, in the deep sea mission. To present Panerai to Italy historical role of naval special forces to provide high-precision watches, light sculpture artists Mr Lai Yunong uses lots of special lighting equipment and light, creating a deep atmosphere of the exhibition space.

Through the unique opportunity of the exhibition, guests a closer look Officine Panerai watch masterpieces of the variety developed by the nuoshataier factory experience combines authentic Italy designs and Switzerland technology's remarkable record of accomplishments. Exhibition special variety of rare, antique watches, including first Radiomir was born in 1936, Radiomir 1940, Luminor 1950 and Luminor prototype treasures, perfect interpretation of the Panerai's remarkable history. Visitors through displays exploring the Panerai Watches, and about long power reserve function, Haute complex function, Chronograph and GMT dual time display this superb function.

In 1956, developed Thatcher Panerai Radiomir Egiziano watch, with substantial large shapes and unique calculation of dive time rotating bezel is out, became professional dive watches Panerai series of creative inspiration. Focus exhibition is also planning a new exclusive galleries, containing Luminor Submersible 1950 Carbotech ™ 3rd power reserve automatic professional divers Watch (PAM00616), as well as professional diving bronze LuminorSubmersible 1950 3rd power reserve automatic watch (PAM00507), a variety of limited treasures.

The antique prototypes featured four case watch, Radiomir 47 mm welded lugs and matching pillow case, become the most representative works of the Panerai, representative of deep historical significance, classic design still remain today.

Finally, the exhibition on display at the Hong Kong end of 2015 watches and wonders of the Asian Senior watch fair (Watches and Wonders) Watch new products, containing two of the limited production of 300 new Luminor 1950 3 Days Titanio 3rd DLC – 47 mm titanium power reserve DLC wristwatch (PAM00617) and (PAM00629). Finally, the new Lo Scienziato – Radiomir Tourbillon dual time 1940 Tourbillon GMT Oro mm red gold watch (PAM00559) also are gathering for the first time. Officine Panerai specialist guide will be held during the exhibition, welcomed the appointment registration.

"History of HISTORY AND LEGEND and the legend" venue:/f, Taipei 101 shopping mall Plaza address: Taipei's Hsinyi Road, seventh floor date: November 20, 2015 – November 29: navigating between 9:00 and 11:00: from November 20 to November 29, from Monday to Friday: 15:00 – 15:30/17:00 – 17:30 on Saturday and Sunday: 15:00 – 15::00 – 17:30/20:00 – 20:30 admission fee: free

Vacheron Constantin Macau's MELCO shadow meeting new store Grand opening

On October 27, 2015, coincides with the brand 260 years, the world's oldest watch manufacturer Vacheron Constantin in Macau city video store Grand opening of the meeting. The store is located in Macao, Lu Dangcheng collection a unique new luxury shopping location for recreation city of shadows sink shopping Boulevard, highlighting the characteristics of luxury and elegance. Vacheron Constantin in Macau Macau's MELCO shadow Exchange store is the brand's second store, marks the brand development milestones of globalization into a new business.

New store covering 135 square meters, considerate service and warm atmosphere of serenity, for watch enthusiasts and collectors, creating a warm and comfortable space watch appreciation. New store design style depends on the materials and processes used, in parallel with the full interpretation of the brand's style, to incorporate modern elements into traditional creative designs, architectural interpretation of Vacheron Constantin to early to seek excellence and aesthetics, and refined and elegant color technology and precision of the Haute Horlogerie wrote a warm and serene atmosphere. Venetian glass create an elegant atmosphere, so that customers can taste the Vacheron Constantin's culture, history and the excellent watchmaking tradition.

As to technical excellence, exquisite technology and perfect operation and prestigious watchmaking pioneers, Vacheron Constantin is not only the pursuit of watchmaking skills, more faithful to the historical heritage of importance and the brand's spirit of excellence. Store complete watches and "shop", each watch is adhering to the tradition of 260 years in watchmaking, the pursuit of excellence in design processes and functions, as well as the ultimate spirit of innovation.

On this occasion, Vacheron Constantin presents the new HeuresCr e atives store opened to mark the ladies ' jewellery Watch collection, which was also the debut series for the first time in Asia. HeuresCr é atives published series inspired by brands for the first time since the beginning of 19th century women's watches classic timeless design, by sparkling diamonds and refined lines shows Vacheron Constantin 260 years old ones imagination, master watchmakers and jewelry of excellent skill, bursting out with charm.

Vacheron Constantin Macau city shadow Exchange stores

Macau's Cotai Strip Cotai City Road

MELCO shadow Exchange Shopping Centre, 1/f, shop 1047th

Phone: + 2885 2256

Email: StudioCity.MO@vacheron wanders around

About Vacheron Constantin Macau city shadow Exchange stores

Is located in one of the latest luxury shopping areas, at 135 square metres of retail space, intimate and thoughtful service warm and quiet atmosphere, watch collectors and enthusiasts to create a warm and comfortable space watch appreciation. New store interior design and extraordinary cosmic echoes of Vacheron Constantin, and timepieces of the brand also reflects the remarkable technology, craftsmanship and perfect processes. Store front door bevel edge decorative square glass create an elegant atmosphere of space, from Italy made of Murano glass chandeliers with in-store natural oak, walnut and leather skin showcase, so that customers can taste the Vacheron Constantin's culture, history and the excellent watchmaking tradition.

Watches Tissot brand na Hai Pei Qi Laijiang Vacheron Constantin Huang Xiaoming elite

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