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Last dancers Michael Jackson King of pop s friendship

Serbia national stylist Rushka Bergman now living in New York. As the L'Uomo Vogue and Italy Edition of the distinguished fashion editor at Vogue, she has worked with Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman and Hilary Clinton, and many other celebrity cooperation. But in recent years, made her fame in there-it was her Givenchy and Balmain Couture draped shoulder of Michael Jackson, created a new, full of fashionable flavor of Jackson. They start from partners, and became close friends in two years ' time. One month before his death, King of pop said to the stylists, they will never separate.

In the film this is it (This is it) that the audience can't see Michael Jackson prepared for a tour of finery – including a dotted with 4 million Swarovski crystals, dazzling costumes and lit by LED technology. However, this unfortunately also for compensation: watching the stars dress rehearsal of the entire process, see King and real at the same time, Jackson wore a series of designer fashion in the rehearsal also showed up on the screen.

Michael Jackson prepared for the tour costumes

Michael Jackson prepared for the tour costumes

You may be interested in the King that is the envy of pagoda-shoulder black leather coat that fit. Collar another set shorter row Crystal dress fell eyes. These fashion from the hand of the designer of major fashion houses, including Christophe Decarnin of Balmain, Dior Homme's Kris Van Assche, MichaelJackson his relationship with fashion speak, the famous Tom Ford.

Michael Jackson Bergman

Michael Jackson Bergman

In the early 80 's, Jackson, with his unique and dramatic stage became worthy of a fashion icon. Sequined glove, white socks and soft hat is his trademark item. Later, on his court wear surgical masks, bandages and other strange things are taken for granted – some of these items are by his longtime Los Angeles costume designers Michael Bush and Dennis Tompkins has produced--in their Studio and put a mannequin with Jackson. However, the image of Jackson in recent years revealed a strong sense of fashion. Most impressive is undoubtedly the Balmain vintage shoulder line, as well as a large area of embroidery. These changes in his lifetime has attracted worldwide media attention. Everywhere on the Internet speculated that who is for stars to create a new image? His secret weapon is actually based in New York, Serbia famous stylists, Rushka Bergman.

Last dancers Michael Jackson King of pop's friendship

Initial cooperation with the idol

Rushka Bergman longtime L'Uomo Vogue and Italy Edition of the distinguished fashion editor at Vogue. She is MichaelJackson stylist for stars such as cooperation, and "this is it" world tour the creative consultant and image Designer. Her early majored in economics at the University of Belgrade, and later to study in the Ghana arts. In 2000, she participated in the GiorgioArmani exhibition of creative work, and the Guggenheim Museum of art and the London Royal College of art production cooperative planning combined with publication of this exhibition, together with photographer Tom Munro photographed a lot of photos in the book--Bergman's first contact with fashion-related work. In 2004, her collaboration with rock singer and photographer Bryan Adams and Calvin Klein filming a book called the United States of women (American Women) pictures. In this album, she has done modeling for Hillary Clinton.



Bergman in New York is not a long time, but she has had a lot of big names on the resumes--Hilary Clinton, and Bjork, and Cindy Crawford, and Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, celebrity is her customer. As the fashion editor of L'Uomo Vogue, her subject is all-inclusive: Director Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton and Quentin Tarantino, actor Robert Deniro and Casey Affleck and Morgan Freeman, singer Jay-z and Snoop Dogg, the architect Rem Koolhaas (Rem Koolhaas) And basketball star Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) ... ... In this long list, she is quick to point out that, MichaelJackson is the noblest among all partners, and also one of the most experienced.

The stylist working with Jackson for the first time, was in the year 2007. "I'm for Italy of the L'UomoVogue work. We shot a lot of Directors, athletes and actors. We want to choose a film idol in music, I suggest looking for Michael Jackson, he wrote a letter of invitation. Three weeks later, I received a phone call, the other claiming to be his lawyer, entrusted to contact me. "

MJ three anniversary morning, Hollywood

MJ three anniversary morning, Hollywood

She said, "I'm completely confused, thought I had said something rude to him in faith. I became frightened, and begin an apology. Tell me, Michael agrees to take photos, I couldn't believe my ears, I said, can you say that one more time? Then, while I haven't fainted with excitement, I hurry to call the editor and tell him the good news. "

Until today, Bergman continues to believe that the shooting is one of the most important in the history of the preparatory process.

"I've been looking for to assist in the production of thousands of girls, final size is reduced to six. During the filming of the scene, they see Michael was completely shocked, he cried: ' girls, you are too cute! ' "In order to get the word of praise, they all fought for five months.

As a superstar, Michael during the filming in not putting on airs. "He was very professional, know that working with him was the industry's best stylist, makeup artist and photographer. In his eyes, we work with no high or low points of his work. "Bergman said," several hundreds of staff on site.

The thriller album music just sounded, he immediately started dancing in front of cameras. Until a few months later recalled that scene, we are still excited to tears. His energy is so strong, I some times delusion that he is an alien. "

Jackson's three children. From left: Prince, Blankett and Paris

Jackson's three children. From left: Prince, Blankett and Paris

  As a super model King

In 2007, Bergman for the first Jackson put on a slim design--Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane include Mick Jagger, Thurston Moore, AlexKapranos, almost all well known male rock singer in hot pursuit. Someone of the L'UomoVogue of this group of photos as a return of Jackson as the King of fashion.

In respect of the Michael Jackson, Bergman's devotion to work and love to his surprise. First really hit it off, so their relationship continues and soon escalated into personal friendship from partners. He appreciated her honest personalities – in the course of work, she has every thing will get to the point, what can be done, what not to do, she was unequivocal.

"He has complete confidence in my taste, always told me not to stop, because he thinks I am his one of the most interesting people I know! After we became friends, he told me, I was in Las Vegas for the first time in his room, he smells to me of Eastern Mediterranean atmosphere. "The stylist said. In the past two years, they met frequently, maintain close relations of cooperation.

Jackson's parents

Jackson's parents

Bergman, Jackson is a "supermodel" because he look good in anything – even the dress it is so nice to wear. She has a lot of his family snapshots taken when fitting. "He is so sexy! "She said. On this point, the audience in the film this is it should get the full experience. After many surgeries of his face without any damage to the charm of this powerful.

"He wears Balmain on screen, you can't help but admire cried. "

Bergman said.

In addition to the one or two killjoys beyond print shirt and shorts, Jackson dressed most of the time in the film glory. That does not match a few clothes by designer Christian Audigier in Los Angeles--he had with Jackson to discuss the partnership. But more often, he's those sophisticated cut, there, brightly colored clothing will hold the audience's attention. As a backup dancer audition, he is wearing a short dress jacket of the Tom Ford;

Doing the thriller dance rehearsals, he dressed in Dior Homme Orange skinny jeans and a shoulder mounted Crystal Balmain motorcycle jacket in red; a Balmain suede military jacket with Alessandro Dell'Acqua sequined pants also impressive-they made Jackson look stylish and appealing.

"Look at the clothing Rushka selection, you will through them to see how Michael will affect her. "" This is it "tour's Deputy Director and choreographer Travis Payne said.

Hollywood giant MJ mural

Hollywood giant MJ mural

Failed to achieve miracles

"On new year's day, my phone rang. I pick up the phone and someone in there singing opera. I was completely stunned. I said, ' who the hell are you? 'Michael replied: ' what do you think? ' He was always so shy, I just don't know how to describe his gentle voice. "Bergman remembrance road. Since the first time I saw Jackson, she was certain that stood before a genius. Since then, her world changed--she was walking in the streets of Las Vegas, I suddenly realized that beside the pedestrian seemed unexciting – compared with Michael to, how much they are worth.

"The more I see him the more I fall in love with him. He is a miracle. He is the soul of the most noble person in the world. Both from within and the outside, nobody in the world can be compared with him. I've seen a lot of stars, and I talk to them, cooperation--compared with Michael's charm, they catch up. He is able to put everyone behind. "Bergman said," I can't believe it, this dear friend just died. "Before he died, they had been preparing for the tour. "Unfortunately he is not able to turn it into reality. Was amazing. "

In recent years, pop stars have invited fashion designer costumes. Kylie Minogue for their recent tour of North America prefers to choose JeanPaul Gaultier,Beyonc é ThierryMugler. Deputy Director Payne hope to use a similar method for the Jackson concerts seeking support from fashion force. He extended an invitation to several fashion designers, ask for sketches, including John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. And finally was selected by New York designer Zaldy. He is a clothing designer, also has experience in producing costumes, good music and fashion together, Scissor Sisters and Gwen Stefani are his customers.

Julien, and MJ Queen's costume with Michael Bush

Julien, and MJ Queen's costume with Michael Bush

Zaldy made 10 costumes for Jackson, there are also 6 producer is MichaelBush and Dennis Tompkin. "Zaldy is the new sensation, he made Michael feel confident. "Payne said," while Bush was a good friend of Michael, so I wanted to make the two designers to cooperate. "

Bush created a name as "elegant crime" the white costumes, inspired by the 1940 's men's wear, with Pinstripe fabric suits. Zaldy is the thriller dance production of the latest coat – on his shoulder, the hand embroidery, visually looks like blood directly from the shoulders down. "That dress is probably the most difficult to do, because it's so iconic. "The designer said. However, the most noteworthy is designed for the Billie Jean costume: studded with Crystal jacket, dress pants, socks and install LED lights remote control glove. Zaldy memory test equipment at the scene said: "Michael puts on it, can't close the mouth. He said, ' I've been to is the one. '"

King of friendship

Forbes magazine estimates that if the tour is successful, Jackson will receive up to $ 2.5 billion in revenue. He actually did not mind about this. He has no fewer than 30 people around to take care of his life and all aspects of the work and, in addition, there are 11 lawyers stand ready to make recommendations to him. He lives in a completely isolated from the outside world, but he was also to see, who is a really good friend. Per Bergman arrived in Los Angeles, he would get her on the phone, sometimes ride to folishan hotel to meet her in person. "Slowly roll down the window of the limousine, Michael is behind the window waving to me, called me in the past-he sat around six bodyguards. We love each other. No matter what I wear, he likes, he always wanted to try on my clothes, ask me all the time, so a where I've been. " Designer charm edging petty boy I wasn t successful

MJ the third anniversary of the death of cemetery Memorial

Being a top stylist, Bergman's most famous fashion houses, Tom Ford will listen to her advice. And when speaking of departed King of pop, as humble as she looked like a normal fan, Jackson deeply fascinated by the cult admiration. "In life, Michael Jackson never selfish. As the King of pop, he always likes to share – and the world before he died, who also refused to acknowledge it. People don't understand him, him alone with his live music – like Beethoven or Mozart's death. Selected by him, as his makeup artist and make friends with him, I feel very lucky. "Rushka Bergman said.

A month before his death, Jackson and his stylist and eat dinner together. When he asked her: "do you know why I like to work with you? Because of you I never mentioned money. We do not need to develop any agreements. You trust me, I trust in you. I've been in the past two years had six managers. You're the only one who still followed me. People come and go, and you, my darling, you will always be with me. "The last time she saw him was two weeks before he died.

"He is beautiful, don't see any gloomy mood. He even jumped a few dance steps, appear to take anything to heart. He, as always, so gentle, so gregarious. Nobody ever gave me that feeling--maybe Steven Spielberg, but Michael was unusual, his enthusiasm and sincerity has thoroughly impressed me. All looks good, I don't expect things to happen so suddenly. "

Heard about Jackson's death, Bergman was Studio. At that moment, she almost fell from the Chair onto the floor. She repeatedly whispered: "that's impossible. "After so many days, she cries all the time. Finally she put in hand all the photos and information reserved for the film ' this is it '.

"I knew it was a high honor--I got the chance to get acquainted with him, I can really get to know him. Media is so unfair to him, so cruel, really made me sad. He had cancer, his nose would not fall, all of these messages is stupid lie. King of pop has now joined the ranks of the angels, but his concerts always be with us. "Bergman says.

Michael shot fashion designer design stylist fashion styling

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