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New warm winter special material watch favor

Often wearing a watch must have a consensus: one into the cool season, steel or metal strap worn on the wrist that is definitely an instant of penetrating coolness; leather strap solves this problem, but sometimes boring, tight or too common. To say watch strap, almost a most of the contact with the skin, comfortable or not but a priority. In this issue, we will spotlight strap, carefully selected for you for winter wear and highly comfortable types of strap, and almost all of them are not leather strap, will also provide you in a selection of watches will bring new inspiration?

Wear-resistant and breathable canvas strap simple and cool design

Certainly's, canvas was can said is throughout we community of Almighty type material, and has who no a double sails shoes, and a canvas environmental bags, and a top Canvas Hat does? Dang canvas was using to strap of making up Shi, it of advantage on is easy appeared out: it not only wear, and breathable sex is good, this also on explained has why many army table or those handsome cool dazzle of male table love canvas material of reasons. And canvas have a distinctive quality is increased with frequency of use, and that years of scuffed effect makes it look more cool, more men. So if you are a young man or spirit of vitality unlimited, select it won't say.

Cartier Santos watches

If the canvas strap match Santos, more a heroic spirit and forthright, and canvas strap, the more experienced the time of washing, the leisurely appears more texture, best suited for this classic Cartier watch brands.

Hamilton Khaki field watches

Table here! this watch not only was involved in several military themed Hollywood blockbusters, and wear even if the average consumer is effortless. It selects Army Green canvas strap, wear-resisting dirt, 100 meter waterproof gives you more comfortable to wear.

LeCoultre Reverso Squadra black chronograph

Did not think Reverso collocation wear canvas strap is cool, it is not only the chronograph but also has dual time zone feature, together with the case, full watch leisurely Premier momentum.

Nylon or fabric strap to create a lightweight, breathable and comfortable to wear

If the first contact with this material, you will secretly fear that so how can lightweight materials hold up so hard case, dial the main? but, in fact, in some specific areas--such as flight-what's weight really is over, so this type of watch Super light, super soft quality characteristics becomes apparent. What's more, everyone has experience in both materials use nylon or fabrics, their skin and good air permeability characteristics is to let people wear uncomfortable. Most in line with current reality, they really are environmentally friendly, cost can repeat recycling, if you are the vanguard of environmental protection, should try this kind of watch.

Three fiber or fabric strap material

Tudor Heritage Advisor watches

A table with new interpretation of classical practice, internally equipped with Tudor not only mechanical alarm function of exclusive research and development components and transmission characteristics of the original watch. Special about this watch, it is equipped with a black weave straps to choose from, will not only allow the wearer to express individuality, and ensures the comfort of wearing.

Fiyta God 7 Limited Edition watches

Fiyta to mark China's first "space walk" has launched the Luke Skywalker watch, titanium case is metal, straps made of special fabric, as is the ability to easily tie outside the aviation service, at any time to check the time.

Bell and Ross carbon fiber watch

See carbon fiber play list?-Yes, Bell&Ross did, it's not only strap and case, dial will be made entirely out of carbon fiber, stiffness and better than ever before, and extremely light to wear wrist feel light nothing.

A super soft Nylon Strap Watch

IWC Pilot top gun watch

Very cool pilot watches, universal for this watch is equipped with a black nylon strap, light, this proves we mentioned above table the love light design. It not only fit your wrist, and ultra light, if you don't like heavy wrist wear, just choose it!

Elegant silk belt inevitable quiet temperament

Of course, the silk belt at the same time there must be all sorts of beauty of the female form, and because of this, silk belt strap color changed very much, was absolutely wonderful-very soft to the touch. In addition, its air permeability, comfortable and moisture absorption is unparalleled, as women of all ages will enjoy special material strap. Most importantly, silk belt to the wearer and the Viewer is more of a feeling, it can be deduced tenderness of feeling shy, can also bring out the sexy female charm, made countless viewers have infinite reveries.

Two pure silk belt watches

Cartier Libre series Tank enlac é e watches

Super beautiful Cartier jewellery watches carefully to see that this is a special Tank series, white silk belt, and mother of Pearl Dial exist side by side, drilling across the dial "knot" full of personality, do you dare to wear?

Rich bird series Blancpain Watches

Who said that mechanical watches are the only inner beauty? birds mechanical Watches Blancpain fortune, not only beautiful dripping, and most of all machinery within the core, this form of love and pursuit of "appearances" of women not to be missed! Lancome black gold Pegasus pets face cream bring

A leather wrapped silk belt wrist watch

Love happy really watches

Have been very pleasing girl likes this "fun" watches, in addition to outside the form graceful and moving, powerful core, is fantastic in calf leather wrapped high quality Red satin silk strap, not only from the face of the whole integrated design also adds a sense of elegance.

And these creative strap

Other than above some of the more common strap material, and some brands have their own very special ideas, although we do not guarantee that they are table the altar of "the one", but the character had enough watching friends ~

A waterproof matching canvas lining rubber strap sports watch

Blancpain movement 50 fathoms watches

The 50 fathoms watches like the canvas material, in fact, canvas lining inside the rubber. Is not very creative? on their combination into a dive watch is that advantages can compensate for each other's weaknesses play both, poor oxygen resistance of rubber, waterproof canvas, in a certain sense helped rubber isolation out acid and alkali corrosion of water on it.

A match due to muscle stretch and extend their own silicone rubber material strap watch

Tag Heuer golf watch

To correct audio is that silicone materials is different from a rubber material, because as a professional golf watch, strap of this material have high ductility and elastic, and very easy to clean. Its high ductility guaranteed the watch can force changes and adjust their wrists, very comfortable fitted between the wrist and avoid unnecessary injuries.

A matching rubber strap inserted in the leather strap watch

Space ship Big Bang King All Black Blue

Space ship one of the most famous and characteristic, is embedded in the leather strap rubber. If only leather strap, was first worn you will feel stiff, no softness, but joined the rubber, hard leather can become soft and resilient, and feel very comfortable in the hand for the first time.

Material canvas watch strap Cartier winter rubber wrist warmer

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