Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sleepy head Relax Ally Travel Restband

Fell asleep in the car is a comfortable thing, but it is also a possible embarrassing thing – most people sleep, heads automatically bumps with the vehicle and left-right, then, sleep sleep sideways next to the body, making next door wanted to criticize the next door ... ...

Sleepy head (Relax Ally Travel Restband) will avoid such embarrassment, and lets you sleep more comfortably:

Basic structure is like a figure 8 elastic belts, a slightly smaller, while the other side is slightly larger. When needed, on the hood to the seat will be slightly larger and smaller end, set in their own head, and Oh yes, and with that, even all-terrain off-road, your head is not tilted to 108,000 miles go to ~~~~

Disney 3D Cartoon Monster Silicone iPhone 5 Case

• Sleepy three bored on the bus first, ugly your jade plus – man, Bessie to sleep, how ugly ugly ~ Monster iPhone case

• Sleepy three bored on the bus and, second, next door wanted to criticize the next door ~

• Sleepy three bored on the bus, and the third, wake up neck pain--you can't blame the driver to go faster, haha ~

• Sleepy head bands, three boring ~, even if you're just a backpack, and can also come in handy, will it go in the bag, Oh yes, sit on the floor and opened sleeping ~

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