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LAN YU and meet the most beautiful lace

Everyone quietly lived his, maybe she is a little girl with a lace complex; she may also be a romantic literary young woman, people privately in a strange city; she may also be a cavity passionate dreamer and said go and dream on the way ... ... In the dream the way, she has been on the run, without a doubt, never ceased, his steps chasing, heart throb woven wedding dress. The dream girl, who loved embroidery the embroidery Niang, the designers to LAN Yu--that make the perfect wedding, with dreams, with hope embarked on a trip to Paris, participated in known as "trendy fabric" of PV Exhibition, Chinese traditional and Western cultures, and met the other their own.

LAN YU and meet the most beautiful lace

In the PV show close contact with lace

Premi รจ re Vision (vision fabric fair in Paris, France) visited, I believe that is the dream of every designer, it gives designers access to the world's most beautiful fabrics. In France on September 17 at two o'clock in the afternoon, Lanyu a step closer toward the dream--PV Exhibition in Paris.

As we all know, the Paris fashion industry and surrounding estate is France's pillar industries, especially Haute Couture in Paris, called the "national treasure" of culture and art. Fashion, only in Paris that was dubbed the "eighth art" in the world. Famous PV Exhibition, beginning in 1973, has over 40 years of history, the year is divided into spring and summer and fall and winter session, in February for the spring and summer fabrics exhibition, September for fall/winter exhibition of fabrics and fabric trends for next year. From more than 100 countries and regions in each professional trader with Europe's finest gathered here. In this exhibition, Lanyu undoubtedly an important step towards the world, internationally the most exquisite fabrics will be brought back to China, allowing Chinese bride to enjoy the most extreme care.

LAN YU and meet the most beautiful lace

Exhibition of PV has been recognized as the latest trendy fabrics, lead the world's newest fabric trends. Premiere Vision is the birthplace of inspiration, is the cradle of design, creative treasures. Regardless of is from spring summer also is to autumn winter, Premiere Vision show has most with creative, most was shocked of clothing fabric, and according to products type is divided into different regional, which lace, and embroidery, and satin with natural became most attract Lanyu of regional, in here she not only and world top fabric close contact, France time September 19 at 5 o'clock in the afternoon Lanyu also put senior custom preview with to has France senior fashion Association President Didier Grumbach before.

Meet Didier Grumbach Haute Couture next spring

Founded in 1911, France Haute Couture Association (Association for high fashion and designers Association of Federation of associations, men's Association), thus far is France and the world fashion industry's core authority is to lead the world fashion centre.

LAN YU and meet the most beautiful lace

Current France Haute Couture Association President Didier Grumbach, during his 15 years in Office for the fashion industry's most significant feeling is globalization, Chinese designers in Paris have risen to prominence. Didier Grumbach bullish on the Chinese market, is also optimistic about China's designers, especially the Lanyu at Paris Haute Couture previews.

Lanyu contrasted with once at the Paris Show, the designer, is the birthplace of Haute Couture preview to her, let them experience the crafts of China, international vision to meet the challenges. This is the first step in Lanyu to show international.

"Haute Couture is a service. "Didier Grumbach for the definition of high fashion and adhering to Lanyu for someone else to do the wedding dress exactly the same sense of service.

On display, meet bud, met Didier Grumbach ... ... In Paris, Lanyu and all the wonderful encounters.

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