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Vivian Hsu photo full exposure of the fashion hot

Entertainment abounds in various versions of "not the old myth", Xu Ruo-this should be a relatively high-end one. Taiwan entertainment godmother Chang describes her: "I met this girl when I was 15, 15 year old media called her ' boy killer ',20 years old and start calling her ' boy killers ', she now becomes the ' man-Eater '.

Vivian Hsu photo full exposure of the fashion hot

Strange thing is, her face almost nothing changed over the years, Qiang Xiao, Lin Chi-ling by the media than to go, sometimes being called, but no one bother her ... ... All the men see her rolling, we as women can't hate her...... "why is that?

Edit/Shao Hui, Yang Fan Shao Hui Wen/Stylist//Hai Feng Yuan Tian photography (produced by von) make-up, hair/Zhang Mengyin (East field modelling) costume assistants/Cherry sites/the Feng brothers photographic agency

Vivian Hsu photo full exposure of the fashion hot

Transformation journey

A lovely woman of the early Jay people, this song is written by Xu Ruo lyrics, she is good at and his own life experience and unique insights on love, songs of emotions are shown in their own way, touch our inner feelings. She will reach many areas, her acting, writing, singing, endorsements, paying each step is hard work, every development is evolving. Love show she thought an actor should have different face and silent, her own actions, acting conquers all.

Presumably this ambition, Vivian Hsu life always expect more than fear of going out to travel, then hardly had decided without consulting with his family to Japan development in Japan that kind of intense work pressure, Vivian Hsu is the longest record of 7 days without sleeping, "Japan that experience helped me a lot, they work spirit derived from the initiative to require their own perfection. "

With this awareness, Vivian Hsu almost go anywhere, in 2009, she has several film and television drama in Taiwan, has launched, among them, of the Cape on the seventh, in the Director's new film, seediq Bale, Xu Ruo is an Aboriginal interpretation of the role, which makes her get what they wish, because she was half aboriginal Atayal tribe descent. Xu Ruo have special feelings for this role. "When we go to Grandma's House to play, although I do not understand the grandmother, Atayal, but the customs of the mountain people still vivid in my memory: people worshipping ceremony, ruled on the face of the old lady, and boar. "When it comes to this, Vivian Xu at once excited," Atayal holidays or weddings through pig renders a festive atmosphere, larger pig means more attention. Earlier, Xu Ruo married brother, my uncle brought specially from the mountain boars celebrated, for fear of wild pigs in the bustling Taipei wedding site running deflation scare of friends in town, uncle agreed to replace large wild boars little boar. "

Vivian Hsu photo full exposure of the fashion hot

Life, fun first

Acting and singing, which is like the best? Vivian had this issue very tangled, she even tries to average common development, but is not ideal, she finally had a choice now-more like acting more. Upstarts in the far East is leading the fashion

2010 lunar new year Valentine's day will be released in the hot summer days, Vivian Xu and Wu playing the couple, because of the difference in height, to Vivian Xu every time you kiss feet underground pad is equivalent to four or five bricks high things to Daniel Wu. Stir-fried affliction on the network news scene, Vivian Hsu did not give too much plot, just relish delicious good lives and good to wear in the filming process, because it perfectly from her daughter in the movie identity, so she doesn't mind enjoy.

In the interpretation of other people's on screen love star, easily caught the attention of audiences for her real love, Vivian Hsu says he wouldn't mind giving that love party, hopes to stay with a favorite person for a lifetime of fun, this seems very simple, but really to find a suitable candidate is not an easy task. This close to a married sister, Vivian still fizzled. This has been her own self-deprecating, see satisfactory photo shooting cheer "was going to be married! "The photographer's technique.

Vivian Hsu photo full exposure of the fashion hot

Giving, happiness

Although Vivian Hsu had repeatedly stressed that he had the boy's character, but she said prefers "big man", does not like to eat rice all decisions not to come out of the man, it's not hard to see that she also wants to be innocent girl on the other side. For many women marry into the purple, Vivian Xu is very dull, compared to marry into the purple, she prefers to be "up". Over the years, all she did was trying to improve the lives of families, and make life better for families. Sometimes came across a beautiful House, he bought for his parents, even bought and found he was carrying only 100 dollars.

She has always been a giver attitude, habits and enjoy the feeling of the head, if one day you want to get her to reach out to others for money, makes her difficult to imagine. Even more difficult for us to imagine is a wisp of a woman she actually went to the trouble of the burden of family responsibilities.

Talk about performing the current favorite, Vivian Xu talk, smug feeling of effusive, even when I asked, if older, don't care about playing MOM or Grandma's role? She did not hesitate to answer: I don't care! Acting can be played for a lifetime! But when I asked her which one is most like their song, she was thinking for a long time, perhaps because of her singing or the creation of too many of our songs, pick out a favourite is not easy. Until I reminded her that a song with memories of a relationship, she say a song called him her songs, her lyrics, her former Japan boyfriend composition. Though she and detail came to the song, saying only that it is a very real and very sincere feeling, but I seem to have become somewhat distant from her eyes, feeling of those statements at all, relating memories of youth ... ...

Vivian Hsu photo full exposure of the fashion hot Vivian Hsu photo full exposure of the fashion hot

Vivian hot fashion photo Japan play songs for men

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