Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mary Diane sculpting brush series June new

Eyebrows in facial features may seem simple, but living in the highest position, carries a person's spirit, eyebrow makeup is in fact the entire makeup of unsung heroes. Mary Diane eyebrow makeup needs of the consumers the most detailed, the Grand launch of thrush series of June new plastic, eyebrow makeup guide every consumer concern, and dancing eyebrows, creating a "brow" makeup ideas.

Mary Diane sculpting brush series June new

Plastic dual thrush: creating lifelike a good eyebrow color

Dual thrush a smooth plastic cartridge, color natural even, no caking, eyebrow-not sticky, gently stroke a few easily draw the eyebrows and the other matching soft brow powder, ease the hardness eyebrows draw, create a natural good eyebrow makeup. The plastic-dual thrush launched Mocha Brown, Khaki Brown flax tea, caramel, cocoa, coffee and rice dumplings and light ash six color, eyebrow color changeable, match the hair color, makeup, and more practical.

"No matter where you go, I care most about is that I still have eyebrows? "International make-up master teacher Kitty for eyebrows is self-evident, for Mary Dai Jia new plastic-thrush is personally, strongly recommended.

Mary Diane sculpting brush series June new

  Art pen eyes flying eye: Eye liner brow fix

Flying eyes eyes art pen with dual head, brow pencil matching eyeliner pen, make a pen out eye make up the core content. Shape of the eyebrow pencil is triangular, narrow, wide surface fill, colored uniform and detailed, impeccably natural delicate eyebrow makeup. Other eyeliner pen featured high elastic fibers, soft to the touch, seamless stick close the skin.

In addition, this eye art pen durable lock color formula, waterproof, sweat is not blooming, is the upcoming summer must-have items. Mocha Brown, Khaki Brown/light ash three color choices for consumers.

Mary Diane sculpting brush series June new

Cloud deep eyeliner: dual texture permanent makeup

Cloud liquid eyeliner eyeliner deep double carrying pen and gel pen, a combination of traditional liquid eyeliner pen fine comb and gel eyeliner pen's weight can be avoided, to create natural soft eye makeup. Innovative formula is also effective oil-resistant, waterproof and fade resistant, fine line, dual-texture to ensure lasting makeup.

Mary Diane sculpting brush series June new

This time, Mary Diane Union new high-end women's fashion media ELLE, work together to model three fashion LOOK You Tianyi deduction, take three wear style with three brow type, built with new sculpting brush series is not the same as the super model. Christmas snow looking for tasty truth about deer

Mary Diane match series of listed brush eyeliner eyebrow pencil eyebrow makeup

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