Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sexy office attire matches

Why not dress sexy in the Office? Afraid too revealing as "vase" was afraid to wear too much style being jealous?

In fact, like in the Office wearing a sexy smell is not too difficult, but doesn't have to be a high degree of skin.

Sexy office attire matches

Perspective of chiffon

With a perspective of chiffon

Soft chiffon with a little perspective, looming quality beautiful and moving, of course, choose dark-colored chiffon, force might as well match not to be too overly garish color.

Sexy office attire matches

Use white long shirts to create Office sweet temperament Perfect makeup na take good care of your upper

White long shirts with shorts

Long white shirt is sexy and feminine nouns, coupled with black shorts is very sexy, of course. Select the white jacket is suitable for Office put some accessories are perfect.

Sexy office attire matches

High waist line of beautiful sexy style

High waist line to create the modern sense

High-waist skirt to build sense of modern, the skirt seem shorter and sexy at the same time not too much publicity.

Sexy office attire matches

Little black waistcoats qianqian waist

Black small waistcoat with belt waist line to create more perfect, "Willow waist" most attractive.

Sexy office attire matches

Shirt and shorts can be a sexy

Shirts and shorts

Combination of shirt and shorts to wear to the Office, no one don't feel sexy, key is to short shorts, but do not select the hot pants.

Sexy office attire matches

A small tie appropriate to strengthen charm

Added little ties are cool

Plus a small tie very trendy pink and black tide.

Waist is always one of the sexiest

Perfect plastic lumbar vest girdle

Sometimes add a small vests don't have style, especially plastic waist jacket, also expand the role of vision in the chest.

Sexy Office matching perspective style chiffon dress shorts in the Office building

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