Sunday, June 12, 2016

Spring and thin vintage afternoon tea

Finally enough to wear short sleeves out of the weather!

KK waiting for the day for a long time ~

No longer wrapped in a coat or howling shake, I think my neck is no longer blown, the more can be exposed legs can be shirtless, but also no to the traditional humid sticky day in early spring, but in the warm sun kissed skin gently.

Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea! Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea!

Vomiting at home is also quite long time ~

KK think a Senior House woman, but each month there will be a few days pressing strongly need to step outside for some fresh air!

Or defeated or go to search for food, or girlfriends out to drink a tea ~

Taikoo hui in the roof of the Elementfresh, produced should be general, but like the top of the wooden benches, nothing to sit down in that one afternoon, basking in the warm sunshine, holding a cup of Chai CofE chatting with girlfriends blow water is good!

Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea!

EH ~

~ Fan girl, Lori, her lipstick to pretend a man?! The doll fall winter warm boots beautiful skin

Recent big red vampire lips love makeup and effects for MAC the rubywoo is really too great where special thanks to a highly recommended little CC children's shoes ~

Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea!

A cup of honey and green tea ice cream smile like that?!

Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea!

Talk match!

Feeling that spring is no longer black and white ash so dull anymore, need for a light color to light my heart ~

But fluorescent KK to try, though Googling a few days ago made a "girlfriends mix" is the kind of exaggerated candy wind, but should only remain in the picture, that out?! Red lips I've had enough publicity ~

Picture-reading time:

Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea! Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea! Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea!

Blue is my second only to red love colour, lace usually not too cold, but the recent popularity of stencil printing quality also involved potential ~

Geometric pop wind pants and worn old, but good but very well;

Girlfriends Elly never let me go out with him wearing high heels, so old depressing picture has short legs, but seemingly high waist pants design is pretty good to hide the truth ~ (* ^ __ ^ *) hee hee ... ...

Perpetual Orange shoulder bags and Oxford shoes, like every year there's a show I can pick them out ahead of time!

Spring and thin-vintage afternoon tea!

Finally, jewelry

Feeling he was I not give up to buy and then buy something, never understood why in the world there are so many wonderful things then fine, weren't you?!

Even as YY with different jewelry will have a different interpretation of ~

All matching metal wind, geometry of the necklace is a firm like, bearing in mind that it is not eye-catching!

Acridine decisively crush small retro this summer, but I can't drop my European figure, had no choice but to lose weight weight loss weight loss ~

Wizened father



Then share fat reduction

Spring is the fat days ~

Has more than one girlfriends Twitter matter-of-factly and I said I wanted to resolve to lose weight!

Aside from always mean for days on end was reproduced outside the gourmet dinner that turned a blind eye, we are daily at homeopathy will discuss which product to use, or for the convenience of going to a slimming class ~

But thin on the line?!

No, as a perfectionist in everything this girl will give us a face to reduce fat reduction ~

Not confident don't really know winter food weight guaranteed overnight round a number, double chin seemed to come of it, no, no, set their strategies right away.

Not needle thin face I never considered, but I dared not get implants, injections to maintain the effect of 6-12 months, greasy short ~ it's not burning money is what?!

Thrift as a petty girl, or to pick a cost-effective product good ~

Plants close recently the bee venom mask seems to be burning, tempted, also he lost to come back.

Bright yellow packaging really suited my mood right now ~

GZ has entered a T-shirt dress in spring weather, the sun warm tone made people look up!

Outside of packed, this brand, distribution of many smaller objects can also be loved!

Dozens of money the product comes on instead is full of surprises, and postcards of girlfriends are giving us a better channel of private share Oh ~

His family's wooden spoon rods should be the most exquisite I met it, than many big names all stress, so every time I have collected his impulse!

Talk about this Billy bee venom mask ~

Mask with honey as the main constituents of KK was not used, and their main effects are mainly dominated by moist, but to bee venom as the dominant is the first contact.

Bee venom, according to surface means that the venom of bees, transparent and has a fragrance ~

In addition to moisturizing whitening and other common effects, bee venom was United Kingdom Princess KATE hailed as comparable to lift fixed knife needle lift plastic surgery-cosmetic, in Europe, Japan and other places have praise out of it!

Vegetation of this mask is enriched with bee venom extract, is certainly worth a try, Oh ~

Pasty pale yellow, odorless, full-bodied texture like traditional yogurt thick ~

Apply process was very smooth, without a lot of weight can cover the whole face, wait about 15 minutes you can wash off!

Different from the General deep cleaning or tightening mask, process, and no tight feeling, but looking at the cream slowly fades without massage feels that he has color changing light is absorbed by the skin ~

After the skin is fine and a lot of Oh!

KK have little wish this spring--weighed about ten pounds, thighs calves must be small round face, pointy face, of course! Let us prepare for reduced fat it ~

Spring vintage girlfriends afternoon tea weight matching facial mask skin food

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