Monday, June 6, 2016

Summer pants can also be beautiful GAO Yuanyuan Beckham covered leg pants

Wide leg pants have been "how long pants legs long" legend, into summer, wide-leg trousers in stars, and chemical reactions of the human body a miracle, this reaction is called: wear trousers in summer, how beautiful how beautiful! Naturally beautiful beautiful and elegant

Last time it was wide-leg pants and grass, also is high in round 16, the goddess Chloe autumn/winter fashion week shows the side stripes on wide-leg pants, youth and temperament was so beautiful.

However, copying the LOOK for fall/winter not happened, edited and collected for you the stars of wide-leg pants in summer LOOK, quickly learn to learn.

If the envy of Gigi Hadid's long legs, but you can try her wide leg pants take law. Choose a high-waist wide-leg pants, elongated proportions, can help you modify the waist line, coupled with a belt and belt, just like the sealed brown paper bags with rope, forming ultra high waist visuals, but also create the illusion of small waists.

Side like Victoria Beckham pinstriped pants suits are also super popular event, random collocation will be able to wear a shirt without PS supermodel legs.

Denim material of the pants is a frequent guest in street photography. Because of its design will be longer than the normal version of jeans, so pairing high heels without worrying too much about your heels or shoes, they will effectively "hide" inside the jeans, not to be found. If their height and leg lines are very happy with it, you can wear sneakers or chutzpah Lok Fu shoes, anyway, there is a bell like fashion will not be difficult.

Fat hypertrophy of wide-leg pants, fire all the way from spring to summer to autumn and winter. Although it is fashionable, but there are many women feel awkward in length style was too neutral, do not know how to mix. Edit summarized some tips for you, break your match problems one by one.

1. side stripe style wide leg pants

Movement in vogue today, except for a pair of white shoes around the world, fashionistas looking to sweat pants-style side-striped trousers. Trousers side choose contrasting vertical stripes of color, or stitched contrast color stitching, visually modified legs and add highlights to the pants. Put it on, easy interpretation of Sporty Chic.

White wide leg pants hard drive, it is only suitable for thin legs girl, matching with the color light upload wide visually elongated proportions. Normal sister of Frank Black in great shape.

2. vertical stripes

If you are not enough stick break and splayed legs, thick short legs, brush fringe pants can be like a artifact to help you bring your own PS effect pull the legs! Paired with a solid color jacket, nice to fly.

Ditto with the stripes worn and slung too test the skill, editor with random stripes, or wear bad really as pillars.

3. print wide leg trousers

A means to spend very eye-catching, together with straw rope belt, do not have style.

4. the solid color wide-leg pants

Solid color vest matching wide-leg pants with tanks is to edit the favorite summer dress set, for no reason, and enough simple enough, the atmosphere is really cool!

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