Thursday, August 20, 2015

808 Audio Releases New Bluetooth Audio speakers and Headphones

808 Audio announced today the retail availability of its assortment of DJ-inspired bluetooth portable speakers and mini headphones. 808 Audio is designed to system unique style, long-lasting comfort and habitation quality sound at sub-$100 valuations. The personal audio line features top-shelf audio and stylish designs that are got and tuned by 808 Mp3 to provide the best performance and durability of the fact that millions of consumers can afford. The collection becomes available to consumers nationwide at Get those, Walmart and 808audio. com This is more info: The collection was showcased your 3-day SiriusXM live broadcast occasion inside the 808 Music Lounge during wintertime Music Conference 2015 (WMC 2015). The event is the largest longstanding EDM and dance music industry getting, DJs from around the world performed as well as sampled the 2015 808 Mp3 collection. Leading the collection is the 808 Audio HEX XS, $59. 99, is a Bluetooth wireless speaker that boasts of a pocket-size cabinet with a top quality look usually reserved for products triple its price. The XS has got full stereo sound with bettered bass radiator and an efficient half of the day of rechargeable battery life. For easy, trouble-free operation, the XS was without effort designed for the user experience with one-button functioning of the radio of power and pairing. Often the speaker can be used in Bluetooth songs mode, and features an additional input for 3. 5 logistik connection. The XS comes in pink, black and white with gold, and will be at Walmart and Target stores this May. The NRG GLO Bluetooth wireless speaker has become small and compact yet full of electrical power, much like a refreshing can excellent favorite energy drink. Featuring precious sound with an enhanced bass rad, the NRG GLO is the very appropriate companion for on-the-go listening. Often the rechargeable battery allows for 12 hours relating to non-stop dance or pop tunes to keep the party going. Often the one-of-a-kind, multi-mode LED light bridal allows you to put on your own light train in glow mode, "breathe mode" or even dance party mode of the fact that flashes to the beat of the new music. Thanks to the speaker's anodized aluminium health, the NRG GLO is incredibly delicate and rugged. The NRG GLO is packed with features for $49. 99 and will be available in gun work peice grey at Target and Walmart stores this May. The Performer Head-phone ($99 Bluetooth, $79 Wired). These are the first-ever headphone with ear pot suspension technology and were got through collaborations with professional DJs and sound engineers. The but what do you look for, and how exactly do you pick a good pair of dj headphones? are designed for an instant and tailored attach ideal for long listening sessions as well as all-night sets. The suspension ear canal cups provide the best possible ergonomic attach for heads of all sizes, adapting to the user's ears with notable acoustic sealing and enhanced boisterousness isolation. The Performer is also customized with a very accurate sound contour with a slight emphasis given forward bass at the lower end, just stunning for the listener to feel their new music. The 808 Audio Performer But what are the features that you should be looking for in a good set of dj headphones? are available in two models: Performer, with standard detachable cable with in-line mic for $79. 99, as well as Performer BT which is fully the now necessary wireless with Bluetooth plus it includes a easily removed cable with in-line mic in order for $99. 99. Finishes include cleaned steel with black, black accompanied by silver and white with gold or gold. The Performer becomes available at 808Audio. comTweet-----------------------------------------------------Check out the author's latest speakers and headphones looks at: Soen Transit Wireless Speaker ReviewDivoom Airbeat-10 Bluetooth Speaker ReviewJabra Caution Bluetooth Headset ReviewRokit Boost Swage Sport Headset ReviewLogitech X300 Movable Wireless Stereo Speaker Review--------MTR Infos

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