Sunday, August 2, 2015

Game Boy into the welfare-cold and cool USB LED Fan Clock~

Stuffy quarters day and night in summer, with good friend battle dozens of rounds, forgot about the time forgot to heat, which gamers are not the norm. But the USB LED Fan Clock (fan clock), can make the game party was living more comfortably. (But I personally do not think it is soaked in plastic buckets or 6 fans better to blow purely boring to play ... ... )

Just plug the fan USB ports, you can feel the breeze. In addition, the interface when it is rotated to display the time, General game addiction of the party in the war, the two I forget, can't pay attention to time of computer interface, the clock is striking enough, remind – and sister to go out yo! Otterbox defender commuter

Fan blade material is a soft plastic, which can avoid game party in the bloated body hurt. Even if the fan stops turning, it will automatically initialize itself when you restart again.

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Clock interface looks pretty cool, a single made its image through the LED, this kind of stuff with great sense of science and technology, even if it is not a game player, can also be loaded to force tool. At present, the quality goods available at Vodcart website. Otterbox commuter samsung galaxy S3 case


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