Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Turf benches: Chayr

Why does everyone like to sit on the grass? In addition to pleasing addition to the biggest reason is that the natural comfort--how to say? Butt here are born with thick grass mats!!! But, especially the grass the grass, so sat down still need a bit of courage, for example, you might just sit on a shit ... ... Just Cavalli iPad mini case

So, we from points can private enjoy of straw Ah, like, this paragraph turf stool (Chayr), it can to rest who of ass to quite comfortable of feel, its cushion part, texture see with on like is wipe tea cake, but actually is a hay and grass mixed take made of can regeneration environmental material, light see pictures on can imagine to that Duang, and Duang of touch. And the stool foot natural beech wood. Just Cavalli iPad mini

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Well, farmers had finished a day's work, can lay on the Hay grass shock, children, fun to say you are not happy? Yes, happy, of course, Chayr turf stool, can also give you the passion of fantasy it ~


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