Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Omg name-change, Batman! Student becomes 'Adam West' to avoid Ryanair charges

An english student saved more than £100 in major airline fees, and all he had to do been recently legally change his name.

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Adam Armstrong changed his Facebook name to that Batman phone case actor Adam West for being joke, but the prank backfired when his girlfriend's stepdad booked him onto a air travel to Ibiza under that identity.

Seemed to be all fun and games until the doctor discovered changing the name on the Ryanair booking would cost him a hefty £220.

We're not sure if the 19-year-old Mancunian is a maths student, but the mans mental arithmetic is certainly up to damage as he quickly found a way to shape that figure in half... by learning to be Adam West himself.

He converted his name by deed poll (for free), and a new passport of 'Adam West' cost just over £100.

The saving will surely come in handy, more than ever on a student budget.

Perhaps learn put his quick-thinking to beneficial use in another way... fighting crime on Gotham City perhaps?

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