Saturday, October 3, 2015

Chanel 2011 fall series early exposure

Is a symbol, a living legend of Chanel 2.55 handbag, baptism despite decades of fashion, remains the most representative brand handbags model. This spring and summer, the new Chanel Mademoiselle published, bones is a brand extension of the Classic Bag, familiar rhombic pattern with metal chain belt into the pimp, also losing the colorful charm of Chanel, even the first preview of the autumn series, Tweed (Tweed) leaped above the 2.55 bag with embroidery process, interpretation of a new classic.


On top of the existing Heritage, seeking change, fresh, harmonious fusion of old and new elements, is Chanel's allure.

Spring summer handbags series

Handbags series Chanel Mademoiselle mainly in spring and summer, red patent leather or black devil fish design, even if it is identical to create a unique personality, the former fresh; the latter is mature and mysterious. A 2.55 variation version black and white handbag, abandoned the traditional bag of rhombic pattern stitches, but decorate it with like a plastic coating that makes you feel, feel familiar, but a new look.

Autumn series

Collar Pullover jacket trimmed with feathers ($12,900), light grey ripped jeans ($31,600),

Decorate it with horsehair Classic antique metal buckle Bag ($26,200 Pre-Fall Collection). Handbags control stamps Ins reds 26 package

Autumn series

Metallic long ears zipper Clutch Bag ($23,800 Pre-Fall Collection), silver pass flower boot ($36,600).

Autumn series

Thousands of birds in red ($27,700), thousands of birds in hot pants ($11,500), white Tee ($5,900),

Silver pass flower boots ($36,600), black devil fish-Mademoiselle handbags ($48,400).

Autumn series

Green Tweed Jacket ($53,600), Tweed Skirt ($21,700), gold pass flower boots ($36,600),

Multi-chain necklace ($29,600), small feather handbags (price undetermined Pre-Fall Collection).

Series of autumn fashion Haute Couture handbags Chanel exposure objects

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