Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Kelly Chen love local payments red Valley Girl Golden Christmas

Following the Red Valley after tailored for Kelly gold shoulder bag, gold handbags fall/winter fashion women match preferred. This fall and winter, "local payments" in a network hit, fall/winter fashion this year's headlines, bloom splendidly. When the local Golden to dark horse's position to hit, you access all kinds of attack pool party swept, and mighty come into your life, when you occupying your wardrobe, you have to admit that it makes it difficult to resist its amazing. Fall/winter 2013 red Valley designers still uphold the elegant style, fusion of fashion elements, special series technology research boutique handbags, with delicate Golden ornament, greatly enhance the stylish index make you suddenly has a shining star fan this autumn and winter. Christmas party this year, let us also to life rolls on a shiny Phnom Penh!

"Night of the Red Valley" large party scene Kelly praised the Red Valley as its customized gold shoulder bag

Romantic prom elegant hand carry

HONGU dazzle series

Handbag biggest highlight of the series is its luxurious noble metal edges, add black classic Visual effects at the same time, elegance and luxury are two flavor blend, gentle hand bags which are ideal for a romantic Christmas party theme, in the elegant luxury exudes an elegant style, luxurious fashions let you shine a bright light at any moment of Christmas. Design of multifunction shoulder strap handbags or let you in after the party, provide space for next rave party dress.

Joker leisure Street classic

HONGU whisper series

Simple elegant package, exudes a moment of quiet natural magic, and soft leather, fine. Bags of Gold piping ornament, plus for the overall shape of the street. Exquisite craft detail, superior textures, you enhance the taste of holiday leisure street index.

Party time elegant smart

HONGU yidiya series

Handbag silhouette smooth soft still choose classic black, both relaxed and casual and elegant style; delicate clouds texture, smooth soft to the touch and incorporate light gold hardware, graceful and exquisite Show smart and elegant. Participate in the gathering of friends, confident woman is from detail.

Sweet dating red attack

HONGU Luo Fu series: In fact you are not people who cannot afford to

Joker classic bag shape, delicate details, soft leather feel, bring beautiful comfort. Christmas special and festive colors, let people feel the heat of the day, when Christmas snowflakes, nestled on the personal side, romantic intoxication.

In recent years, the HONGU Valley Red handbags continue to explore the intersection of Eastern aesthetics and world trends, by continuously innovative design, HONGU female package has been 26-35 the pursuit of quality and stylish women, red Valley quickly grew into China's leather industry dominate handbag brand. All along, the HONGU Valley red leather has always been focused on the traditional culture of leather to explore and draw inspiration from all of nature spirits, exquisite handicrafts and traditional art combined with cultural details, fashion classic, red HONGU Valley has become synonymous with high quality and exquisite fashion handbag.

Female Christmas Kelly red Valley fine classical details of local gold

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