Thursday, October 8, 2015

MARNI s official flagship store in China

March 1, 2011, and by designer Consuelo Castiglioni founded the women's clothing and accessories brand MARNI brand official flagship store Marni.CN officially landed in China. MARNI official flagship store in China's debut, this means as far East as MARNI loyal since then simply click www.Marni.CN you can easily buy into coveted brands products.

MARNI. CN official flagship store Home screen

New of MARNI official network flagship shop Marni.CN will continued brand entity shop of has always style, show and sold ladies clothing, and handbags, and shoes shoe, and jewelry, and distribution ornaments, and swimwear and the underwear, products, for China customer provides full creative and convenient of Visual shopping experience and full local of of customer service: including size conversion, easily returned, fast served to China more than 400 multiple city, full Chinese customer service and the Yuan trading.

Marni.CN by YOOX group, to provide Chinese consumers with comprehensive local online shopping experience. As MARNI's online retail partners since 2006, YOOX group has succeeded in Europe, North America and Japan launched and operated the MARNI flagship store. YOOX group and set up branches in Shanghai and Logistics Center, official flagship store for the new Marni.CN network provides a comprehensive Internet marketing program for Chinese consumers, including network operation and maintenance, interface design, customer service and network marketing.

MARNI. CN exclusive offer

2011 summer series handbag

Open Marni.CN in China, Consuelo Castiglioni from 2011 summer series were featured in a handbag, in exclusive sale on March 1 at Marni.CN. This MARNI handbags made of PVC material representative of "puppet" elements and polka dots (polka dots) as the theme and with leather handles, reflects the MARNI's iconic design style.

MARNI. CN Special Red Valley custom introduction

MARNI its unique brand concept into the new Visual shopping experience. Interesting page design lead customers to MARNI fantasy world full of surprises.

• Show field order: for online customers browse MARNI fashion shows and purchase directly online show latest items in space.

· MOOD AREA: online customers enjoy the full range of unique fashion experience.

• Special film: directed by MARNI creative teams, as MARNI add about film language in cyberspace.

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