Friday, October 2, 2015

Godson into intelligent hardware Ambitions power small

Claims to be Chinese-made CPU Godson came a new message of hope. This time, they plan to enter the smart hardware market, Godson-1 series of low power embedded chips to build various intelligent hardware, such as intelligent home appliances and industrial products, and so on.

Development began in 2000, based on the MIPS instruction set, Chinese Academy of Sciences has 15 year old Godson is focused on research and development projects in the calculations. For many years, Godson has been known as the pioneer to do homemade CPU, became available on the market with Intel, ARM against the General CPU brands. Then, before the evaluation the Godson prospects for intelligent hardware, we take a look at how the ambitions and achievements over the years, it had:

In 2006, the calculations have announced Loongson 2E developed CPU, performance of middle and low level P4 CPU. That same year appeared carrying Godson 2E mini-host, according to third-party testing, run faster than the Celeron 1.7G platform;

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Basic no one Godson 2E products, launched in 2007 on a yearly basis after improved models of Loongson 2F, and announced that it would quickly launch a NetBook product. The same year, the Godson team leader, academician Hu Wu issued a document known as the Godson CPU change industrial patterns in five years;

In 2008, the computing announced that it is developing quad-core Loongson 3A and 8 core Godson 3B processor, and the latter will carry on the first petaflops supercomputer. Hu said CPU bottleneck industry has to develop, giving Loongson overtaking opportunities. At this point, carrying the Godson 2F NetBook not yet available;

In 2009, jumping two-Godson 2F NetBook of the year finally released, but expensive, performance and battery life miserable. Not surprisingly, the product sells well. The same year, the Godson 3B bounced;

In 2010, the Godson 3B is still bouncing, and made the first petaflops Super is changed to use the Intel+Nvidia program. Loongson 3A through the project acceptance, real-world performance mainstream chip more than three generations behind Intel in the same period; Marc Jacobs iPhone 4 Case

In 2011, the Godson 3B also bounced. Calculation and by Government plans to build as many Godson industrial base, but in the end nothing;

In 2012, the Godson 3B released second version of 3B-1500, the first version because of a software flaw that could not be mass produced. However, 8 core Godson 3B or mainstream CPU power consumption performance were worse than the market, so its industrialization efforts fail again;

In 2013, the Godson silence. End of the year, Hu Wu internal speech article, public, Hu acknowledged in development policy over the years failed, and recognize the Godson the huge technology gap with rivals;

In 2014, the company began to cooperate with calculated to develop ARM instruction set-compatible CPU.

Reviewing the history of the Godson, we will discover its ambitions far exceeded its capabilities, but which is the most critical factor. Calculate believe they can compete with top international enterprises, and then developed a series of impossible goals, results fell back over and over again. Super computer, NetBook, PC, server ... ... Godson attempts to encroach on the wide variety of areas, but none of them can come up with a product like spotting. On the surface they are always closely follow the trend, actually just keep the follow and speculation, hope some one can make his breakthrough in the field. Results because of a lack of technical strength, with choice from the very beginning of the MIPS instruction set has no market failures is destined in the calculations. The reason, holding a national provision of safe living, hanlaobaoshou, just get some awards articles can survive calculated, harsh fight wouldn't have the market's business sense, are certainly not fostering their competitiveness. Loongson is just a microcosm of the country-led high technology research and development activities, which reflects very well the State-owned agency problems in high technology research and development activities.

Godson and this time hit smart hardware idea-don't have to worry about the technical details of their product, just understand that it's just another copycat behavior, you can determine the attempt must not have any results. Of course, even if the Godson had failed, the project team will not be closed down. Top domestic CPU's face, the Godson this ordeal probably will last for many years. But there is one thing we can be sure, rise of the homemade CPU in the future will be high-tech private enterprises, which lost the glory of Loongson only historical memory the only end.

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