Saturday, October 3, 2015

These 10 accessories from head to toe are popular

2014 spring and summer fashion trend you have overripe in mind, but the finishing touch accessory to keep up with the pace. Red Gucci ankle heels last season through the sky, which pair of shoes this season out of the siege? Alexander McQueen skull clutch really can rest a while, flower packages this season Burberry Melaleuca waves. Quickly add your fashion collection, accessories fashion trend this season let you get full marks from head to toe.

Burberry flower bag

2014 spring/summer runway bags filled with beautiful Pastel-colored, blue, mossy green, Lavender Purple, cherry red, orange color ... ... Filled with a wonderful taste of summer, and hit your clothing, there is a new surprise.

Burberry flowers package: 8400

Gucci shoe chocolate

You know shoes with age, 70 's style of platform high heel Sandals was returning, Gucci chocolate hit the spot, landed on it's going to be Queen of the Opera's dance.

Gucci shoes: 4305

Finger ring

Do you remember Rihanna's finger in a chain ring? This season let your earrings, rings and bracelets are all linked together, again equipped with armor to sweep out.

Grey wide brimmed hat

This season's spring and summer color finally jumps from black and white to grey areas, Maison Michel grey Red Hat will take you from season to season, androgynous neutral wind deep and sober.

Classic package

Classic reborn in a boxy package, elegant portable, sleek metal buckle as they bring a 21st century style.

Lanvin Briefcase: 13495

Buckle sandals

For early spring 2014, not slippers for the swimming pool ready, Givenchy, big buckle slippers absolutely need to go to the streets, fashion, maybe you don't, but remember that tall is going back on the road.

GIVENCHY print slippers: 4785

White frame sunglasses

White is hot, Platinum match last year, white Phu sang sang us miserable, this season's picture frame into your ink white, then carried a white handbag chic double.

Straw shoes

Straw shoes turned high luxury attitude this season, not only all the big buy, the tide was also private photos sharing favorite straw shoes each day, how can you be such a pair of shoes does little.

STELLA MCCARTNEY shoes straw: 2725

Chic punk bracelets Prominent aristocratic interpretation of the Ferragamo

Cool punk spring/summer runway wind winds in 2014, but not necessarily armed from head to foot, add some cool punk enhances styling, such as Saint Luarent stitching leather metal bracelet so much.

SAINT LAURENT bracelet 3030


Traditional backpack is back with a vengeance, masters of the season gave them a new modern shape, when practical and fashion collide world a better place.

3.1 PHILLIP LIM Backpack: 7850

Popular accessories for spring and summer fashion trend color handbags printing

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