Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Designers teach you how to choose an opponent bag

The importance of the handbag in the shape of needless to say women no matter what the occasion, must not be missing a bag in his hand, both because of too many objects, but also because a decorative effect.

Do you accumulate a lot of questions about the bag? Let a professional designer imparting the secret of a few selected packages!


Do you want to know how to invest in a bag, rather than buying a handbag?

Anya Hindmarch (designer handbags): "investing in a long-lived handbag is not so simple, this season is not what you want in the first place. A really good bag can make you look there is transcendent magic taste. Invest in a leather handbag is a good choice, it will become more style with years of growth and expensive, it is a truly timeless crafts. If you are willing to pay big money customizing a handbag that's more perfect, who wouldn't want one just for myself and there are things in this world! "

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How to select a matching dress handbag?

Kate Spade (the former Kate Spade brand design director): "If you're wearing a little black dress, you should choose a color and design detail evening handbags. There are many decorating a beautiful little dresses to match the modern day cutting simple evening wear handbags like Fendi the envelope-style handbag. "

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The classic handbags should be what is texture?

Gianluca Brozzetti (CEO of Asprey and Garrard group): "it's time to invest in a classic crocodile leather handbags, it becomes popular again the focus this season. Color is not a key of your choice, because its texture is good no matter what color you choose you will find that it can be worn for any costume, you won't get tired of it. "

Teach you the designer handbags

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