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NOMOS neomatik series will go on sale this fall. These watches so special? What is the philosophy behind them? More answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

What neomatik is?

Neomatik NOMOS is a new generation of automatic series: Slim, elegant and highly accurate. Series there is an extension of brand watches in style, while others are brand new works. Particularly worth mentioning is, this series of watches has any other watches on the market today do not have three advantages: they are very thin, with certified levels of accuracy, and NOMOS does not raise prices of these watches.

Why watch, what is it?

NOMOS watch to celebrate the release of a new automatic series. First edition of five new watches including: Tangente, and Orion, and Ludwig, and Metro neomatik and Minimatik. The five core tables each have two versions: one is the white plated Silver Dial with blue details, the other is Champagne Dial with fluorescent orange dot. The latter has another name--"Champagner"

Further information: why do you want to publish the first edition?

NOMOS hopes to release the first watch that celebrates the birth of new automatic movement DUW 3001. But only the watch belongs to the first production in 2015. Zhihou, NOMOS watch company will suspend production of neomatik series, until the spring of 2016 was able to continue on the international watch and jewellery fair in Basel.

This new series is the size of wristwatches?

Thanks to the DUW 3001 movement (is not thicker than the hand-wound movement), they are extremely delicate, NOMOS watches popular classical dimension is retained (35 or 36 mm).

New NOMOS movement unique in what? High table exhibition watch

DUW 3001 movement ten released so far is the NOMOS made movement in the latest work, using advanced technology to create, and 3.2 mm thickness, extremely thin--than almost any section of the watchmaking industry in the mass production of automatic winding movement is more thin.

You say DUW 3001 movement chronometer accuracy. Does this mean that neomatik watch is a chronometer?

No, but you can also say Yes. DUW 3001 by NOMOS made operation of the escapement, extremely accurate. Carrying NOMOS homemade escapement movement began at the Hong Kong Observatory has achieved excellent results in the tests.

You can simply talk about the design of it?

All NOMOS watches has a simple, elegant styling. The brand is German manufacturing Union (Deutscher Werkbund) member of the inherited the Bauhaus (Bauhaus) and Ulm (Ulm) school tradition, these styles were clearly visible in the watch's design, but they also need to be today's more modern interpretation. Therefore, the NOMOS designers in Berlin for the neomatik into a trendy avant-garde atmosphere, add a fluorescent orange and cyan shades. Add tones of extremely subtle, elegant style to keep watch. But that kind of energy is so right!

What else do I need to add?

Yes, there is strap the exquisite trims. For example, NOMOS watch strap by wrapping, tough and elegant leather material: black horse strap by Holven senior Cordova leather to create together. Light selection full-grain leather strap. Independently developed by NOMOS buckle extreme elegance, and each watch is in full bloom in the elegant new leather watch box, very enjoyable, watch box can also be used for other items.

New watch what materials were used?

Case and clasp are made of medical steel operation level and avoid nickel on the skin, glass and surface material is made of Sapphire Crystal. This is the material hardness on Earth second only to the diamond. Dial with a white plated silver or champagne gold plating.

NOMOS now plans to produce an automatic watch?

More and more. NOMOS produces neomatik series will be suspended after the first edition (until the spring of 2016), auto-NOMOS watches will soon become a major product. NOMOS is the Germany market leader in hand-wound watch – now introduce new Automatic Watch, and set new goals.

Watches Nomos clean automatic wristwatch movement dial series next generation

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